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Friday, 9 November 2018


The commandment forbidding adultery is a restriction of the use of the body for the benefit of control. When the girl experiences a power, by having sex, other than the one constituting her, she will lose integrity by meddling with different ways to be set. And, if the girls commits adultery, she will abandon her grounding, being somewhat, to be detached. And children should be offspring of clarity.

This is true, and cannot be discussed. What is changing, in our times, by evolution and by the love of the Lord, is that women will not be things, that is objects. Not physically determined, girls will be equal to the man and make love as friends, not as minors. As such, the first time experience is not a constitution, it is rather an opening, and any love affair following will not be in conflict with the initial experience. Girls cannot have children this way, though. For a girl to be a mother, she must be the basic preference, governed by a man, that is the father, and her children should think of her as their way. For it to be so, she must be constituted, fresh and dignified.

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