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Thursday, 29 November 2018

The horror of the mind control

I believe, that if Emma Watson was confronted with the videos and pictures made of her in sexually explicit situations, posted on internet, she would deny having done it. She will presumably not say she was made to do it, she will presumably say "I have nothing to do with it".

I believe many a girl found nude in photographs and in porn today will say the same thing. And aI believe many a hypnotized, for instance working in radio, will say the same thing if confronted with what they said, and I believe many a singing artist will say the same, if confronted with what they have expressed.

And I believe many a hypnotized will say, those people making me, and us, look like that, are not nice people. Ai am afraid the broken ones will not say that.

One may wonder why Emma Watson spoke so much in those videos. One may wonder if she was afraid. Ai believe, though, that such overflow of the mouth in such a state is unconscious, and that it reflects the out of control being, and not a want to control oneself, and as such, the action is not oriented.

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