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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Why not economy

Economy is the ordered way of the human being. Goods are invented, produced, and put on the marked for the benefit of growth and success, and services are made goods as people dream, qualify and effectuate their abilities. By the economy man distances himself from the immediate exchange, and the living can be ordered and planned, so that individuals and peoples can make safety, laws and fortunes.

The thing, though, is, that things are owned, when manufactured, sold and bought. And the real joy is to go into the mountains, go into the forest, and go to the beach where one can relax, no expectation to be found. And the real joy is to love one another as worthy of praise, not worth of necessity or utility. The real joy is to imagine God present, no way manipulated, no way driven. The real joy is to be by God, and surely one can be by cause. To be a brick in the wall, a bit taking part in a play or a piece in a puzzle, is not giving the feeling, though, being by God. And, for the woman to feel she is wanted as an object, is not to get the feeling, being by God.

Today, the economy is very complicated. The ordering of the economy is obscure, and the powers of the economy are hidden. Nations, that is peoples, do not control what is taking place in their own domain. To a certain degree, the economy can be controlled. Major actors are more resourceful than minor, and by means of necessities, demands can be made. What rules the economy, though, is that notion of alertness. And when we distance from it, making it the joke of life, the joy of life will appear.

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