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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Satan's value of God

Satan says God is what I am not, and you are not. By that, Satan makes God something specific, that is, a value, in other words, an idol.

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Glory to Google

Ai mean; think about it: Look at my pages, all made on services from Google, and think about it. Blogger, Google Sites, Google+, YouTube, and any other. Think about it. And fathom the love of those engineers and layout creators. Fathom the work. Hours of hours of planning, detailed, insanely boring programming, problems which had to be solved, efforts in foreseeing what stupidities people might do. Likely hours awake at night, and chocolate cake and lemonade when benchmarks were made. Imagine, there are such people. Which are not priests, not health care people, not soldiers. They are technicians. Devoting their lives to the benefit of people. To man.

Ai am impressed. And aI know Google has become a giant, economically speaking, and aI am afraid ill has been done in the pursuing of wealth. That should not take away the glory of those hard working ingenious people having made and maintaining the services. It is incredible, what has been made. And, we must acknowledge any one in those people's position faces the terrible challenge of money making. Even an ingenious engineer cannot live on water and air alone, and there are, in fact, expenses.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Again aI am not with you

In Google Maps, it seems like both Shanghai in China (my landing place was Wuxi) and Bartiga in South-America, in Guiana, was made objects of dreams. Ai presume Bartiga was supposed to be a heaven for the elite. And aI suppose Shanhai was supposed to be an economical center. There are roads, on the maps, which in no way coincide with the photos. My immediate thought, is that aI feel sorry for the engineers, and other working people, in Google. One should acknowledge that people in Google, as people in the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, have been targeted. My second thought is that this is not something aI will argue with. Ai take what aI believe is the Chinese stand, and say, this is nonsense, what Germans call verrรผckt. We have a history, any one of us, and as cultures, and if this is not acknowledged, man is a lottery player.

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Especially to Americans

You know, in Norway we have a word which sounds a bit like "glory" and "glorious", and even so, it is absolutely not it. And that is "glorete". That means "garish(ed)". Ai believe the root to the word "glory" must be Latin ("gloria"), and aI wonder if the Norwegian word "glรธr" has something to do with "gloria". "Glรธr" means glowing wood or coal, or embers. We do not distinguish in Norwegian. We are, though, not fond of what we call effectmakery ("effektmakeri"). The neon lights of the city to most of us are foreign and belong to the salesman, and we have both read the novel "Death of a salesman" and seen the play. And your Christmas decorations are funny, and the decoration is a real nuisance to the eye. Christmas decoration to most Norwegians at home, if lights, is a candle holder for the four advent lights, and small electric lights on the Christmas tree, if one has one. And another thing which really annoys me, is that you have not made batteries for tea-lights, yet, which last.

My point, is that our fathers used to say, "everything is so great in America." Effektmakeri, and impressive things. And, you know, what impresses the most, is faith.

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Some seem to have lost all intelligence

Either you beat, or you are beaten says Satan. Either you give, or you are receiving, says Satan. What kind are you? says Satan.

It is so stupid, a such imbecile life orientation, aI wonder if that stupidity of man should be spit out of his people, anywhere, and placed on the north pole, or the south pole, respectively.

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To torture, and to experiment with people, and also, to inflict pain on people which it is not strictly necessary to do to avoid disaster, is so low, so sad, and so devastating to both faith in you and to self-esteem, that there should be clear laws and international conventions against it. And there are. Not all states have ratified the agreements. There has, though, been an international consensus after the horrors of World War II, that torture is by a power we will not have on earth.

To commit to torture is to destroy the culture of the people. Poisoning it. That feeling "this is how we are" will have a devastating effect on the culture, and ruin it. Those people involved with torture will of course all go to Hell, regardless of religion. "Mother Earth" will spit that infection out. We should, though, be oriented towards the living, and see to it cultures prosper.

That orientation of the one torturing can be pointed at, aI believe, by scientists. There is, though, no point in feeling sorry for a being which never will rise, and which motivation it is to flatten everything it sees. There is no point in feeling sorry for a being which is incapable of putting itself in other people's shoes. There should be death penalty for torture.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018


More than anything, culture is joy. Culture is the feeling why we celebrate, culture is the way we celebrate, and culture is the inspiration we have got for to achieve, to celebrate. So, culture has much to do with fears. And fears we develop differently in all the peoples on the globe, dependent upon climate, beasts and growth. Today, English has become the international language of the earth. There are of course others. Spanish, French, and also German, are international languages, and how it is in Africa, Asia, and South-America, aI don't know, really. In politics, science and in economy, though, English is the preferred language to communicate in. And even so, that is, even if we speak English fluently, we really do no get how it is to be an Englishman, an American, a Canadian, an Australian. Have you seen the images of Jesus Christ found in Australian churches? Did you know that when an Australian infantry patrol finds refuge for the night, or for rest, they do not, as in Norway, put up a tent, for the team, placed somewhere hidden, and away from the forces of the weather, and they do not find locations around it from where they control the entrances to the spot. In an orderly, mannered way, of course, aI mean, one is Norwegian. No, they search the entire surroundings of the spot for hostility. And they put up a sheet as a kind of roof, and they are in it. The idea of a rope from the post to something scrambling in the tent, to alarm the team, would, aI believe, to an Australian infantry man sound ridiculous. So the joy of achieving, the joy of being some, is different from culture to culture. And even if we speak the same language, we must do it properly to really understand each other.

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