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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Again aI am not with you

In Google Maps, it seems like both Shanghai in China (my landing place was Wuxi) and Bartiga in South-America, in Guiana, was made objects of dreams. Ai presume Bartiga was supposed to be a heaven for the elite. And aI suppose Shanhai was supposed to be an economical center. There are roads, on the maps, which in no way coincide with the photos. My immediate thought, is that aI feel sorry for the engineers, and other working people, in Google. One should acknowledge that people in Google, as people in the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, have been targeted. My second thought is that this is not something aI will argue with. Ai take what aI believe is the Chinese stand, and say, this is nonsense, what Germans call verr├╝ckt. We have a history, any one of us, and as cultures, and if this is not acknowledged, man is a lottery player.

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