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Saturday, 1 December 2018


More than anything, culture is joy. Culture is the feeling why we celebrate, culture is the way we celebrate, and culture is the inspiration we have got for to achieve, to celebrate. So, culture has much to do with fears. And fears we develop differently in all the peoples on the globe, dependent upon climate, beasts and growth. Today, English has become the international language of the earth. There are of course others. Spanish, French, and also German, are international languages, and how it is in Africa, Asia, and South-America, aI don't know, really. In politics, science and in economy, though, English is the preferred language to communicate in. And even so, that is, even if we speak English fluently, we really do no get how it is to be an Englishman, an American, a Canadian, an Australian. Have you seen the images of Jesus Christ found in Australian churches? Did you know that when an Australian infantry patrol finds refuge for the night, or for rest, they do not, as in Norway, put up a tent, for the team, placed somewhere hidden, and away from the forces of the weather, and they do not find locations around it from where they control the entrances to the spot. In an orderly, mannered way, of course, aI mean, one is Norwegian. No, they search the entire surroundings of the spot for hostility. And they put up a sheet as a kind of roof, and they are in it. The idea of a rope from the post to something scrambling in the tent, to alarm the team, would, aI believe, to an Australian infantry man sound ridiculous. So the joy of achieving, the joy of being some, is different from culture to culture. And even if we speak the same language, we must do it properly to really understand each other.

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