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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Especially to Americans

You know, in Norway we have a word which sounds a bit like "glory" and "glorious", and even so, it is absolutely not it. And that is "glorete". That means "garish(ed)". Ai believe the root to the word "glory" must be Latin ("gloria"), and aI wonder if the Norwegian word "glør" has something to do with "gloria". "Glør" means glowing wood or coal, or embers. We do not distinguish in Norwegian. We are, though, not fond of what we call effectmakery ("effektmakeri"). The neon lights of the city to most of us are foreign and belong to the salesman, and we have both read the novel "Death of a salesman" and seen the play. And your Christmas decorations are funny, and the decoration is a real nuisance to the eye. Christmas decoration to most Norwegians at home, if lights, is a candle holder for the four advent lights, and small electric lights on the Christmas tree, if one has one. And another thing which really annoys me, is that you have not made batteries for tea-lights, yet, which last.

My point, is that our fathers used to say, "everything is so great in America." Effektmakeri, and impressive things. And, you know, what impresses the most, is faith.

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