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Monday, 17 December 2018

Glory to Google

Ai mean; think about it: Look at my pages, all made on services from Google, and think about it. Blogger, Google Sites, Google+, YouTube, and any other. Think about it. And fathom the love of those engineers and layout creators. Fathom the work. Hours of hours of planning, detailed, insanely boring programming, problems which had to be solved, efforts in foreseeing what stupidities people might do. Likely hours awake at night, and chocolate cake and lemonade when benchmarks were made. Imagine, there are such people. Which are not priests, not health care people, not soldiers. They are technicians. Devoting their lives to the benefit of people. To man.

Ai am impressed. And aI know Google has become a giant, economically speaking, and aI am afraid ill has been done in the pursuing of wealth. That should not take away the glory of those hard working ingenious people having made and maintaining the services. It is incredible, what has been made. And, we must acknowledge any one in those people's position faces the terrible challenge of money making. Even an ingenious engineer cannot live on water and air alone, and there are, in fact, expenses.

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