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Sunday, 2 December 2018


To torture, and to experiment with people, and also, to inflict pain on people which it is not strictly necessary to do to avoid disaster, is so low, so sad, and so devastating to both faith in you and to self-esteem, that there should be clear laws and international conventions against it. And there are. Not all states have ratified the agreements. There has, though, been an international consensus after the horrors of World War II, that torture is by a power we will not have on earth.

To commit to torture is to destroy the culture of the people. Poisoning it. That feeling "this is how we are" will have a devastating effect on the culture, and ruin it. Those people involved with torture will of course all go to Hell, regardless of religion. "Mother Earth" will spit that infection out. We should, though, be oriented towards the living, and see to it cultures prosper.

That orientation of the one torturing can be pointed at, aI believe, by scientists. There is, though, no point in feeling sorry for a being which never will rise, and which motivation it is to flatten everything it sees. There is no point in feeling sorry for a being which is incapable of putting itself in other people's shoes. There should be death penalty for torture.

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