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Monday, 28 January 2019

That feeling

There is a certain feeling, call it love, which we may share, and which in some respect is independent from the being making it valid. It is a question of getting it, a matter of doing the right thing, a notion of aid, an observance of goodness. Satan has no admittance to this spirit. What occupies Satan, is fear, and Satan makes you fear, and pursues your fear by doing what Satans smells scares you. And Satan makes you ache, for not to attain this being, by which the spirit of love comes true.

Satan might be of some intellectual capacity, and Satan might argue that if a being is not provoked, one is just pleasing, and that being is then on a track leading it a way of no development. The fact, though, is that Satan has no interest in that beings well-being. Satan will see pain, will see blood, will see pray.

It is not exactly wrong that if you only please a man, he will not learn anything outside of his scope. The thing, though, is that when you act in love, making love valid, and Jesus Christ is He, you reveal yourself and make judgements. By doing so you are not just pleasing. You are kind, and you give something to wonder about, ponder on, look too, at the same time as you go along.

Satan is incapable of creating. Satan only destroys. And bottom line, and end of all discussion, is that the work of Satan is criminal. Satan commits crime.

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