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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The text of mine

Ai believe an amount of money has been stolen from me, with regards to copyright. For instance, aI have made a lot of songs, which aI think are reproduced, without my knowledge, by artists. My feeling is that what we are living through is extraordinary, and is a matter of life or death. So, even if being told to perform the songs, if one has been true to my text, aI will be fine with that. Ai mean, what aI have made is by God. In a situation of life and death. And the making that noise public, one should just be grateful for hearing. Let us presume aI am not dead, and that aI will make more noise.

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The will to fight

On my home page, that is Poet on View, on the page called Rule of Vaccinius, aI have listed 12 commandments to obey, especially, in the life to come. And earlier on this blog, called Blog Trixnix, on the blog post Civilized to be, aI have stated that torture and corruption shall be fought.

Torture and corruption shall be fought in any people or by any people, with pride. If the world should be united in a goal, and if governments of different cultures should be united in an aim, this is it.

Making decent work, as peoples and cultures, proudly looking for benefits for other nations and peoples, aiming at self-esteem and survival of worth, helping, with respect to living conditions, is a fantastic thing to do. That thing cannot, and shall not, though, be a task for the United Nations.

Evilness shall be fought with pride. In the world we have the Haag Convention and the Geneva Conventions, with respect to legal weaponry and legal means of warfare. Ai know not all nations have ratified the agreements our fathers made. A civilized people will, though, in most circumstances, to the utmost limit try to adhere to the rules, whoever it fights. It has with decency to do. If the being fought makes fighting contrary to the rules power, though, it cannot expect the rules to count.

"Make peace, not war!" was the slogan of the generation of the sixties and seventies. We will all agree with that imperative. Corruption and torture is though poison to the human being, as individuals, as peoples, and as friendly unions, and shall be fought with pride.

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Monday, 18 February 2019


The Norwegian substantive "tillit", that is LIT TIL, is not a matter of giving and taking. It is a matter of faith. Belief in each other, thinking highly of people, taking it for granted people are decent, and all right. Naivety, in a way.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

This is worth thinking about

Imagine that a people so gifted, so full of energy, expectation and faith, from any other, should turn into Satan? It is tragic. The son of man, lissom. What the heck? Heck?

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Controlling me

Ai don't repeat myself. Why should people want to repeat themselves? To convince, lissom? If aI am not happy with what aI have expressed, and, unfortunately, that may occur, since aI am hypnotized, aI abandon what aI have expressed. Ai don't repeat myself. Ai am no joke.

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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Thinking of internet

Love is shown on internet. Programs are made, in different sizes, for different purposes, obviously very craftily made, offered for nothing or near nothing. And scripts are made, to solve problems and to make funny things, offered for free. God bless those people. These are special, and together with these there are numerous fantastic blogs and web sites.

By now, the devilish ridicules and sabotages the love shown by affording programs, scripts and web sites which are devilish, that is not working, or false. And when looking for something by searching, one easily get that trash. It is sad.

Ai believe there should be harbours on internet, and aI believe nations should vouch for those harbours. There might be scary pubs, or saloons, in harbours. The overall function and good of the harbour is, though, given.

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