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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Thinking of internet

Love is shown on internet. Programs are made, in different sizes, for different purposes, obviously very craftily made, offered for nothing or near nothing. And scripts are made, to solve problems and to make funny things, offered for free. God bless those people. These are special, and together with these there are numerous fantastic blogs and web sites.

By now, the devilish ridicules and sabotages the love shown by affording programs, scripts and web sites which are devilish, that is not working, or false. And when looking for something by searching, one easily get that trash. It is sad.

Ai believe there should be harbours on internet, and aI believe nations should vouch for those harbours. There might be scary pubs, or saloons, in harbours. The overall function and good of the harbour is, though, given.

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