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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Annoyances - and what is not

Annoyances. Ai feel the earthly life is full of annoyances. One finds one way around, sometimes, and even, sometimes, it turns out one is happy one did. Find another way, aI mean. Less pleased one is when the annoyances give intolerable pain, or totally imprison you. They may, by the work of evil people. When aI lost my mind because of chemistry forced upon me, aI was not pleased. When my glasses, in numbers, and insistently, are destroyed, aI am not pleased. Last night, like another night, some days ago, my lower legs itched so much, aI was on the edge of cutting them off. Well. You know what aI mean. Really annoying, such is, and the question is, if it is not annoying. Can one be practical about it? Ai wonder what made my legs itch, that much. Could it be the poison from the bites in my legs? Could a chip operated in my body give that pain? Could aI have been subjected to gas or liquid, in a way, which gave that pain? Ai thought of people prisoned and tortured. Handcuffed in a prison cell you cannot take off from the bed, as aI did, put the blankets in the washing machine, take a shower and thoroughly clean your legs, and put moisturising cream on the legs afterwards. There are situations where annoyance is not the word for it. And people putting other people in such a situation, where annoyance is not the word for it, do exactly the same as one does when one by acts ridicules love. A word against the Son, Jesus said, one will be forgiven. An annoyance, it is.

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