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Saturday, 4 May 2019

The scorpion is dead

Kindly see my previous post. The scorpion aI suspected was released in the little forest of my neighbourhood is now dead. There is no chance any poisonous creep may survive the present climate. Even if the scorpion is not very animal like, is is a biological entity, and it has no defence against the cold. The Scandinavian viper will survive, wherever it is. Ai suspect it has gone back to sleep, if it awoke in the middle of April.

Ai felt the scorpion died as aI cleaned a little part of the forest, right now. Cleaned is the word for it, not clear, since aI collected an amount of small branches and small sticks, naturally or artificially made, which, aI am certain of, were scary to children. The temperature in the air seems to be just above the freezing point, and it is rainy on the edge to snowing, and for a little while, it indeed was sleet in the air. Ai collected the trash without wearing gloves, it was biting cold, and aI decided to work fast and be finished with it before aI got frostbite.

.·: † :·.

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