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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Being damned

If one is one as by a gang,
as if from tree okay to hang,
one has no chance not to be seen
as failure, on excuses keen.

.·: † :·.

The two of us

If not the complicated kind,
one is the one with simple mind.
And, easy going is a way
for complicated in to stay.

.·: † :·.

Try harder

If one is not exempt and nice
one is an instance of the vice.
And possible it cannot then
be to be having sight of men.

.·: † :·.

Making you

Is it too bad, that to be worse,
and friend with upshot and with curse,
is better not, since to be made
is either quarter or a grade.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Me and the Middle East

Ai reacted, the second time Iraq was attacked. As psychotic, in Oslo, aI thought about going to Iraq, to be a shield, and aI made a visit to the Iraqi embassy to see how aI could enter the country. The reception was fear, aI discovered, and aI was psychotic, so, aI never did. This was five years, or so, before aI entered internet. When Libya was attacked, aI made several letters, to some Western embassies in particular, aI believe, though, aI think aI must have written to the Chinese embassy and the Russian embassy also. My aim was to reach the United Nations. And my message was, that interfering with what is going on in other nations is against common law, and that United Nations is not the light. Jesus Christ is. Also, aI addressed the Norwegian Parlament, and the Norwegian Government. When Syria was attacked, aI was out of order, destroyed by medicines, and by isolation. Ai did, though, make a blog post or two about the threat of the number of refugees.

This aI write for the record. In the Middle East, my heart is with the Jewish people, that is, with the sons of Abraham. Ai am, though, no stupid. And, violation of international law clearly is stupid. And Jews taking benefit of the achievements of Christ without honouring the Lord, playing fancy Jews, are not my neighbours.

.·: † :·.

To cultures all

One may speak of collective consciousness. That would be culture. In a Christian perspective, that is perspective which is not adultery driven, one will think of mind and feeling, and way, doing so. One may think of that collective consciousness as what one must do, as kind, or well possessed. Collective mind is quite another thing, and is, in fact, nonsense. To act collectively, one agrees upon aims and goals. And when so, that collective action is a matter of war, speaking of nations.

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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Dogs and people

People are not dogs however
people feel for being clever.
Dogs will anything abolish
with no feeling for the polish.

Thought about it, that whatever,
has no dog when being clever.
Pain is just a way of being,
not a fear from to be fleeing.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

No matter how

There is a two-dimensional existence for the being of the world. One dimension is the personal, and the other dimension is the social. Psychology cannot be seen isolated from sociology, and visa versa. "What is in it for me" cannot be seen isolated from "together we are strong", and visa versa. To make those dimensions packages, forcing the individual to chose between being egoistic or altruistic, is nonsense, and evilness, since one by that annuls and discourages the being. Unfortunately, by science, one often sees it "that way or that way", for to isolate a motive, or a drive. To force people to adhere to the artificial ordering of science is evilness. Those doing so are blockheads.

The Son is the meaning of life, and Jesus Christ is He. By the Son, one makes a future, and a fortune, and being rich on particularities is definitely not it. By the Son any human being will be justified, and the actual boy child of a specific father and mother is the way to go. Love is the way to go, and by love, the individual takes due part in the social. Of course, the individual cannot love if forced to abandon itself by the demands of the social. And, of course the social cannot be love if the individual is not subjected to it. To make human being producers of children to be consumed in the social is nonsense, and evilness, without any love. No matter how, people are incidents of God, supposed to be. Let us not be blockheads.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

There is life

Think about itAi get it, the rationale of Satan has to do with exclusion. Maybe the psychological basis for this, that is, the basic assumption of Satan, is that he himself is excluded. And, when so, the Satan thinks. Being the exemption, and making the exemption, life is all about, Satan thinks. And, since Satan has "got it" this is so, Satan thinks, he is God by doing so. And, torturing true Christians is what to do, since they are exemptions, Satan thinks. Making slaves is making exemptions, Satan thinks. And, he himself being exempt from what counts, really, Satan thinks, he is the winner. For example, "love your neighbour as yourself," Jesus said. To Satan, that means there are exemptions.

"There is no rule without exemption," we say in Norwegian. Maybe that is a word in English, also. And Satan pursues exemptions. If that is the rule of Satan, there must be exemptions, one would say. Though, Satan is an imbecile, and seeks the power which is absolute, that is the rule with no exemptions. Ai experience all the time Satan disqualifies me by taking advantage of the exemptions aI make. And that is not difficult, hypnotized, as aI am, and fond of children, for example, as aI am. And, further, by making me an outlaw, in the rationale of Satan, Satan is doing a good job.

Any educated soldier knows, by the way, the way to get the enemy is to take him by surprise. At four o'clock in the morning, for example, when he is dizzy, exempt from being awake. And, a bit funny to think about; if the rule is that also officers are soldiers; what, or who, is the exemption?

Thinking about it, trying to get that rationale of Satan, one quickly gets into trouble. On will make examples, and even a qualified philosopher, aI believe will have problems communicating that logic. There will always be something annulling.

That saying, "there is no rule without exemptions" is not wrong. And, in Norway, for instance, in the penalty law there is a paragraph which annuls the other paragraphs in case of legitimate self-defence, what in Norwegian is called "nรธdverge", which is not only self-defence. A lawyer might find it opportune to ponder on that. Rape, for instance, in self-defence? If not, does that mean that paragraph is absolute? If one paragraph is absolute; is the penalty law as such not absolute? It would be if there were no exemptions. That legitimate self-defence paragraph; if that is not the exemption, annulling the law, rather just another paragraph; would not that law contradict itself?

The thing is rigidity. The imbecility of Satan is known by rigidity.

For the saying "there is no rule without exemption" to be valid, there must be an exemption, or more. Let us pursue that rigidity of Satan in that respect, for the case of clarifying, and not only smile to the foolishness. The exemption is the rule "life". By the Law of Moses we have been given the Ten Commandments, and the three first commandments, that is, | I am The Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. |, together is the formulation, God given, of what life is. The rest of the Ten Commandments are implications, and such are rules with exemptions, thinking rigidly about it. That "life", though, being God, is not to ridicule. And that is, precisely, what Satan does when annulling life.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Reception is what we all wish,
and Bergen is that it.
Reception that place is of fish,
and brand, of every fit.

We love that place, that city made,
by that no suit, no grade.
And think about it, so to say,
as to the funny way.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Easy going

To be good to each other, and do what is right,
and stand up when it matters, and mirror the light,
and address what is fault, and to one act as salt,
and to good one that also, for goodness to halt,
is what we are supposed to be doing on earth.
And be scandalized if we are beings of worth.
To be fool is not what the good Lord does expect
from the being which being a fool does neglect.

.·: † :·.

What sadism is

Sadism is not an illness. Sadism is what is opposite to love. Sadism is Satan.

.·: † :·.

Bottom line

Bottom line is that people are oriented towards being evil. Those people feeling, or experiencing being lead, by hearing voices or by bodily reactions, in this category act evilly because they get it what they are thinking of is what is to do, and this is always to be bad, because they by heart are bad, and they never question what they are. And the people in this category are united in the pursuit of evilness by specific aims, goals and acts because what, in fact, is evilness in any specific situation is to define, that is to grasp and know for sure to avoid. Psychiatry, as such, is guilty of letting such people lose, by explaining and legitimizing bad natures. And the police, as such, is guilty of destroying morale, not pursuing illegal acts. Those people know, though, in that category, what is good and what is wrong. They have chosen to be bad. And before Jesus Christ, any one of them will be sentenced to stay i Hell, maybe forever, because they were evil.

.·: † :·.

Ai am disappointed

Idiots. There is no other way of sound belonging than by culture. And culture is so that ones feeling of being one gets weaker the more in the periphery one comes. And culture is so that one can, in fact, see the next neighbourhood as a different culture than one's own. See your neighbour. Make a spot. Clean it. And grow. The national states has borders. And, historically so, and by the work of school, media, and church, languages are formed within.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

That Fiedler

That nice urge to achieve
is in work to believe
as a way feeling good
by demands understood.

And, the others to please
is to be quite at ease.
Both the tram and the ship
has on future the grip.

And, the easy way out
it is always about.
And, the will to be seen
is on what one is keen.

I myself am a boat
which to you is a goat.
To the Lord it is so
that I easily go.

.·: † :·.

The bunch

The bunch is not much of a treat.
It has in looking good a seat.
And all is foolishness and pride,
as if it could seduce, the wide.

Indeed, there berries are more keen
on counting, and on to be seen.
And those are so that they are not
the artificial look got.

To bunch, a model is to reach,
by which there is the taste to teach.
The Son of Man, not fond of bunch,
prefers the marmalade, to lunch.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Chips in the body

Ai think aI always have had that belief in God, in the Power of life, even when aI was discouraged, and took stand against Christianity, that there cannot be threats in life which man cannot address, and fight. Ai pray to the Lord to give me right, in this. Also, as a young man, about to attend the Military Academy, when aI had one of those sweet moments thinking of breasts, aI made that oath to myself, my woman should be one aI could talk to. Communicate with. And such an oath has implications, since my body, in one respect, is my woman, as are my clothes, and as is my house. And, further more, everything aI say. And state, writing. And create by other means.

Those chips which one nowadays can implant in the flesh of man is, as such, a new threat. Ai believe one by those chips can reach the lines of nerves and to some extent can manipulate the receptors in the brain. Considerable pain can be given by those chips. Most of such pain, as itching, burning sensation and limbs or muscles hurting, must be phantom pains. The true effect of those chips are real, though, so terrible pain can be given where they in fact are, as in teeth, and where the energy ends, as in the brain. Ai believe the only way to release the function of those chips is by energy. And that means those chips can be killed, by energy. Walking on a trailroad should do it, by the voltage created between the wires in the air and the railway line. And in some cities there are trams. My experience is that much less energy is needed. Sitting between the electric stove and a thermometer might be it, and that small energy there to be found can be disturbed by the flash of a camera, increasing the effect on the chip.

What is injected by those chips is terrible fear. Fear is what in our times has become overall challenge, being the mean of Satan. And, call it opinion, call it view: Nothing in life is so that man cannot do anything about it.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 14 July 2019


Prophecies can be self-fulfilling. By being so, people with bad intentions can claim taking part in the ongoing by playing roles, not being evil, in fact being good by being evil. That is how horrific it can be. The two prophecies aI think of as evidently current, are the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 and the prophecies of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. It is worth recalling, and understanding, for children and youth, that an organized attempt to take control of the society of Norway was made in the last 90ties, that the isolation of me as a person was a central manoeuvre in that attempt, and that control with radio and television, and with institutions of higher education, and later, with armed forces, that is the police and the military forces, was intended. Ai believe Norway was the first country to be attacked, and aI believe aI was the first person to be isolated, and that persons isolated later, around the world, were lions, as of star sign, since aI was. The turn of times was my idea, presented by the model of my site The Prime Idea.

When taking control, the actors of the hostility hypnotized people and broke people, and those subjected to this horror were not poor people, and are not poor people. Those people were the people of authority.

The prophecies of Revelation one must see to with eyes as of salt, so to speak. Evidently, there is something wrong. If counting thousand years from an event to the next event, the prophecy is not only self-fulfilling, it is a damnation.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Total failure

Total failure is it for the bad to be fit, since one is not the one which by bad will is done. One is only the bad, as dependent and sad. One in no way can say, for a reason I play. One is made as by grade where the aim is to tame, and appear is to scare since no free is to see. Total failure it is to be making out this. One has lost to be cost to be tool, as the fool.

.·: † :·.

As bad as it can be

When got lost as too retarded
one is not by power guarded.
One must work itself to power
by the pity for the lower.

.·: † :·.

To the retarded

Simple mind and beast of kind
is not for the life to find.
All will know, to truly glow
is not it to breathe and blow.

.·: † :·.

That opposition

By that Satan is made, that authority grade, it itself without luck, being in its sin stuck. The impression it gives is that intellect lives, and that calling and love is endowment to blow. How that Satan I hate and want out of my gate! It has stood in the way for the total of day, stealing goods, giving pain, making lies, forming vain, as the jealous and sad resolute to be bad, by the kind to be of which opposed is to love.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 6 July 2019


What to grasp, is that will over power is rule, if the opposite, sign of a terrible fool, since by then what reigns is the brutal and strong, and the fool over him, since the crowd is too long. And, the will is called spirit, when knowing the man, and the will is pure knowledge, when doing one can. And, the kind is on top, since whoever can work, and since no way the pay may compete with the perk. And, on top of it all, is the kind of God's love, which is holy, by being the holiness of. Jesus Christ is that kind, and is not to replace. And that spirit, for all, is to find and to face.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Over with it

When evil is what one will be, there is no hope, and one will see there is a chance to get it right and really be devoid of light. And being evil to the point is not to make with goodness joint. What one perceives as goodness will just be what is that one will kill. A Satan is so stupid that one laughs to see that getting at. And then there is no other way than to be gay and greet the day.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

To be creating

There is no need for practise for kindly to be.
When you draw and make music, do kindly, you see.
When by wisdom and when you the poetry make
you will always be at it for sight and for sake.

To be drawing is love and affection and style,
and belief you just struggle meant to, for a while.
And the music you make if you have got the clue.
And that is to be tidy, and to the point true.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Being major

In the Army, the major is minor in staff,
and a bit of a nuisance, a bit of a laugh.
So, when captain a major becomes, he is so,
that to be one is nothing, and from just to go.

And, when learning from that, we will see that the one
being colonel is made up, the motive so done.
So, the colonel has grades, and when reaching the top
he is general, made, and by grade, not to stop.

.·: † :·.

Luke 16:16

A Christian is not made by chance.
And if no chance, found, to enhance,
the way to get it is by will
the way a soldier looks for kill.

.·: † :·.


If by the course of Satan of, one can, of course, not be by love. The soldier must of course perceive what life is, and in it believe. If killing what is power not, destroying what is culture got, and torturing surrendered men, the soldier is not up to ten.

.·: † :·.

Citizen not

When an adult is keen on direction and force, there, of course, is no order for it to endorse. And when so there in fact is no use of that thing, since an opposite always negation will bring.

.·: † :·.

Forestry keeping

Ai feel for stating something about forestry keeping. A forest is an isolated area. The borders to the nature around is not exact, and even so, a forest is located, and to be found. In the poem “The woman in man”, posted in Napthali, in the walls of Trixnix, aI have stated the woman in man might be found both in the ocean and in the forest. This what is unconscious might be perceived as an entity, and some will.

Around me, aI have two small forests, one east of me, and one west of me, and lately aI have cleaned both. Cleaning is the word for it, not clearing. And, what hits me, is that there is an either of, speaking of matter, when appointing the forest, as with nature as a whole. Either, one takes it down, and exchanges it with something one builds. Buildings and roads are the examples, and those people doing so, aI believe are excellent craftsmen, doing so, building, in fact, nature in another way than what originally was there. Or, one puts oneself behind the forest, and works with it, so to speak, taking notice of what benefits it, making openings. Anything in between is sad. In the forest east of me, there was a terrible contamination in the form of pins, dead branches, dead trees and litter, and also wire, in a devastating amount, put in traces and entrances, and groves, as if the forest was given to be tested. Everyone sane understands that when a being is suffocated, it dies, and that forest would, of course, rotten, and die, by the treatment. In the forest west of me, there was put a camp, a simple installation in the form of small trunks put up for to make shelters and gymnastic measures. It was simple in that respect the installations put up varied from organic to instrumental, by heavy means, and there was no way the forest could relate to the installation. When the installation had been abandoned, for a while, the thinnest trunks, planks, ropes, tarpaulins, nails and screws served as litter, and the forest was wet. As aI saw it, both forests, both the one in the east and the one in the west, had been abandoned by birds and animals. My point is, that when appointing a forest, as when when addressing a human being in a therapeutic way, one ought to have an eternal perspective. And, everyone knows, that means thinking ahead. What everyone knows, also, is that if one takes a forest down, by cutting the trees, and abandons it, that forest will be wilderness, and it will take maybe hundreds of years before nature again comes to order.

Nature is good at getting rid of natural fallout and nature is good at isolating. Even nettle is isolated. Both forests mentioned were about to be isolated, by nature. By the work of no time. And those forests are thousands of years old.

.·: † :·.