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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Bottom line

Bottom line is that people are oriented towards being evil. Those people feeling, or experiencing being lead, by hearing voices or by bodily reactions, in this category act evilly because they get it what they are thinking of is what is to do, and this is always to be bad, because they by heart are bad, and they never question what they are. And the people in this category are united in the pursuit of evilness by specific aims, goals and acts because what, in fact, is evilness in any specific situation is to define, that is to grasp and know for sure to avoid. Psychiatry, as such, is guilty of letting such people lose, by explaining and legitimizing bad natures. And the police, as such, is guilty of destroying morale, not pursuing illegal acts. Those people know, though, in that category, what is good and what is wrong. They have chosen to be bad. And before Jesus Christ, any one of them will be sentenced to stay i Hell, maybe forever, because they were evil.

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