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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Chips in the body

Ai think aI always have had that belief in God, in the Power of life, even when aI was discouraged, and took stand against Christianity, that there cannot be threats in life which man cannot address, and fight. Ai pray to the Lord to give me right, in this. Also, as a young man, about to attend the Military Academy, when aI had one of those sweet moments thinking of breasts, aI made that oath to myself, my woman should be one aI could talk to. Communicate with. And such an oath has implications, since my body, in one respect, is my woman, as are my clothes, and as is my house. And, further more, everything aI say. And state, writing. And create by other means.

Those chips which one nowadays can implant in the flesh of man is, as such, a new threat. Ai believe one by those chips can reach the lines of nerves and to some extent can manipulate the receptors in the brain. Considerable pain can be given by those chips. Most of such pain, as itching, burning sensation and limbs or muscles hurting, must be phantom pains. The true effect of those chips are real, though, so terrible pain can be given where they in fact are, as in teeth, and where the energy ends, as in the brain. Ai believe the only way to release the function of those chips is by energy. And that means those chips can be killed, by energy. Walking on a trailroad should do it, by the voltage created between the wires in the air and the railway line. And in some cities there are trams. My experience is that much less energy is needed. Sitting between the electric stove and a thermometer might be it, and that small energy there to be found can be disturbed by the flash of a camera, increasing the effect on the chip.

What is injected by those chips is terrible fear. Fear is what in our times has become overall challenge, being the mean of Satan. And, call it opinion, call it view: Nothing in life is so that man cannot do anything about it.

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