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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Me and the Middle East

Ai reacted, the second time Iraq was attacked. As psychotic, in Oslo, aI thought about going to Iraq, to be a shield, and aI made a visit to the Iraqi embassy to see how aI could enter the country. The reception was fear, aI discovered, and aI was psychotic, so, aI never did. This was five years, or so, before aI entered internet. When Libya was attacked, aI made several letters, to some Western embassies in particular, aI believe, though, aI think aI must have written to the Chinese embassy and the Russian embassy also. My aim was to reach the United Nations. And my message was, that interfering with what is going on in other nations is against common law, and that United Nations is not the light. Jesus Christ is. Also, aI addressed the Norwegian Parlament, and the Norwegian Government. When Syria was attacked, aI was out of order, destroyed by medicines, and by isolation. Ai did, though, make a blog post or two about the threat of the number of refugees.

This aI write for the record. In the Middle East, my heart is with the Jewish people, that is, with the sons of Abraham. Ai am, though, no stupid. And, violation of international law clearly is stupid. And Jews taking benefit of the achievements of Christ without honouring the Lord, playing fancy Jews, are not my neighbours.

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