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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

There is life

Think about itAi get it, the rationale of Satan has to do with exclusion. Maybe the psychological basis for this, that is, the basic assumption of Satan, is that he himself is excluded. And, when so, the Satan thinks. Being the exemption, and making the exemption, life is all about, Satan thinks. And, since Satan has "got it" this is so, Satan thinks, he is God by doing so. And, torturing true Christians is what to do, since they exemptions, Satan thinks. Making slaves is making exemptions, Satan thinks. And, he himself being exempt from what counts, really, Satan thinks, he is the winner. For example, "love your neighbour as yourself," Jesus said. To Satan, that means there are exemptions.

"There is no rule without exemption," we say in Norwegian. Maybe that is a word in English, also. And Satan pursues exemptions. If that is the rule of Satan, there must be exemptions, one would say. Though, Satan is an imbecile, and seeks the power which is absolute, that is the rule with no exemptions. Ai experience all the time Satan disqualifies me by taking advantage of the exemptions aI make. And that is not difficult, hypnotized, as aI am, and fond of children, for example, as aI am. And, further, by making me an outlaw, in the rationale of Satan, Satan is doing a good job.

Any educated soldier knows, by the way, the way to get the enemy is to take him by surprise. At four o'clock in the morning, for example, when he is dizzy, exempt from being awake. And, a bit funny to think about; if the rule is that also officers are soldiers; what, or who, is the exemption?

Thinking about it, trying to get that rationale of Satan, one quickly gets into trouble. On will make examples, and even a qualified philosopher, aI believe will have problems communicating that logic. There will always be something annulling.

That saying, "there is no rule without exemptions" is not wrong. And, in Norway, for instance, in the penalty law there is a paragraph which annuls the other paragraphs in case of legitimate self-defence, what in Norwegian is called "nรธdverge", which is not only self-defence. A lawyer might find it opportune to ponder on that. Rape, for instance, in self-defence? If not, does that mean that paragraph is absolute? If one paragraph is absolute; is the penalty law as such not absolute? It would be if there were no exemptions. That legitimate self-defence paragraph; if that is not the exemption, annulling the law, rather just another paragraph; would not that law contradict itself?

The thing is rigidity. The imbecility of Satan is known by rigidity.

For the saying "there is no rule without exemption" to be valid, there must be an exemption, or more. Let us pursue that rigidity of Satan in that respect, for the case of clarifying, and not only smile to the foolishness. The exemption is the rule "life". By the Law of Moses we have been given the Ten Commandments, and the three first commandments, that is, | I am The Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. |, together is the formulation, God given, of what life is. The rest of the Ten Commandments are implications, and such are rules with exemptions, thinking rigidly about it. That "life", though, being God, is not to ridicule. And that is, precisely, what Satan does when annulling life.

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