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Monday, 26 August 2019


Ai have come to think about perceiving and interpreting, which can be considered to be an activity, and when so, a way of acting, and when so, a subject for science. In science the perceiving and interpreting is called hermeneutics, and great books have been written on the subject. It is clear to me one can distinguish between two orientations, in that tradition, and that is fearful activity and peaceful activity, and this is a bit awkward, since by it to speak about activity is exactly awkward.

In my mind, there is a clear distinctions between getting it, and taking it, and having it. This insight might be seen two ways. One is to see a row of happenings, or circumstances, maybe, by which one develops in the succession get – take – have. This is the easy way of understanding hermeneutics, in my mind, since everyone will agree this makes sense. The other way is a bit more formal, and insanity comes to mind. We can distinguish between

A. Getting it and taking it
B. Having it

There is an ocean of difference between people capable of memorizing and people capable of learning, when those two verbs are seen as opposites. In modern school, and at universities today, specifically, with curriculum, exams in writing, and master degrees, it is the memorizing which is anticipated, and called for. So, even if one is capable of learning, one easily understands the way to get grade is to memorise suggestions, assertions and terms, as they are, and to play with those, as one cunning, bit by bit. In traditional science this would be called the ecclesiastic way, and in traditional science this was condemned. The way of seeing why, may perhaps be to remember the commandment of God condemning adultery. In Norwegian, one will easily see there is something worth thinking about, pondering on the words “skjønne” and the expression “få det med seg”, for instance. In English, “to get along with” a fact or a statement is not that obvious, aI believe, and even so, there is something to it. “To see,” in English, is not exactly to mirror.

It is a bit complicated, aI believe, this science called hermeneutics, since obviously, anxiety is involved in most instances of adultery, and even so, one has to acknowledge there are individuals who deliberately are simple in pursuit of evil intent. And, in traditional psychology, there is this fundamental distinction between sensing and intuition as orientations. Anyhow, to anticipate “to know me is to love me” is the stairway to heaven. And, if one thinks one by possession and adultery makes it, one is either a complete idiot or a devil, and the two of them are one and the same.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Those really insane

By now, aI have been subjected to, and tortured by, those really insane for more than twenty years, so aI have developed an idea of what that craziness is. The symptoms are fearlessness, insistence, mercilessness and superficiality. Behind it, aI sense a being which is without reservation, which is earth bound, steered, emotional cold, and anxious. And the perspective one has upon oneself, obviously, is that one is blank. Ai believe to be clear is something which is argued for. And aI think to be blank is the perception.

To be blank is a way of being which one can look at from different angles. No feeling of sin, or guilt, is one. What to keep in mind, though, is that this what is blank in no way carries or occupies light, and the drive of it is to seek its counterpart, in other words, its opposition, and this is not light. It is dirt.

The contamination made on the small forest areas in my neighbourhood clearly shows this to be the case. One is not pursuing life, rather, one is seeking death. To the blank, aI believe, there is no authority in life, really. What is on top, in that mind, is the blank itself. And that being will not be stopped by anything other than perfection. This is so, aI believe, since what is perfect is a natural thing. Culture, and spirit, and love is spirit, to this being have no significance, and faith, to it, is only a sign of weakness, since itself it takes any opportunity to disregard life.

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Homo Sapiens

There was a man, today, in my neighbourhood, who made me aware of the term homo sapiens. Ai made him understand aI saw there was an existence of adjective and noun, so to speak, in the term, and he told me this is the case also in French. The noun comes before the adjective. Ai have not checked this term earlier, so ai did, right away, by the help of my Latin Dictionary, written by Johanssen, Nygaard and Schreiner in 1921, and those “rektorer” knew Gothic letters, which aI don't, though internet does, and that dictionary is read through, that is verified, by doctor S. Panzerhielm Thomas, who, aI think, could not have been a panzerskalle.

Homo it says, means human being, in contrast to gods. Also, the word homo was used to connote “those people”. So, aI understand one by the word understood particularity, and that thing being alike. In my understanding, there must be a relation between “homo” and “humilis”, which means “low; little; simple; unimportant”, and the root must be “humus”, which is “earth; ground”. So, when that Roman emperor got the idea of calling himself Nemo, which is “ne (ho)mo”, that is “not homo”, he was either up to something, or he had completely taken off.

Sapiens is a form of sapio, meaning “taste”, as an adjective, that is, not tasteful, rather capable of tasting. “Sapiens”, so, was “rational; sensible; wise; high-minded”. So, one may ask if those Romans acknowledged apes as incidents of the “homo”. What else, one may ask. The answer is the human being having developed, and turned up, through the times. The not civilized man, in other words.

Ai am uncertain if one really can speak about nouns and adjectives in Roman. The case is that any word in Latin is “verbum”, so that the Romans understood something present working, by the term. When we see the term “homo sapiens” in this light, we get it the Romans saw a way of being by the mass. By the word popularity one may grasp what that was.

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Thursday, 8 August 2019

That neighbouring thing

There is a certain labour
which cannot be too hard.
That is to love your neighbour,
and lower, so, your guard.

As meant to be together,
we cannot just consume.
As upper and as nether
to spoil is to assume.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Blockheads are stupid. There is no doubt about it. The blockhead thinks, for instance, that either, whatever one does and says counts, or it counts when repeated. And, one has to choose what way to go. As if the term "alienation", Marx given, does not count, since he offered it only once, in his early writings. Or, when Marx wrote laws, as machinery, that is means, occur and are created when the need for those occurs, it counts, as said and done? Ai mean, what about being laid out? And, neither that makes choice, to be directed by. See the flower. The flower is vulnerable, soft, small, and easily destroyed. And a flower may count? Do you not agree?

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Back to the origin

Ai wonder if the Sunday, made,
today is nothing, being grade.
Ai wonder if to steal is fine,
all animals, and on the line.

Ai wonder if the power got
is all, authorization not.
And if that way is way to go,
that Satan keen on being so.

That means, there is a back of worth.
A fundament, made up by earth.
And, anyone opposed to me
in fact is nothing, crap to be.

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

New face of Trixnix

Ai have emptied and terminated the blog vaccinius.net. For the future, the face of Trixnix, and Prixnix, will be mixnix.net, incorporated in Prixnix.

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To be gifted

Gifted people can do extraordinary things. There are videos on internet showing Asian people making wonders by means, and in the world of computers one speaks of being in the flow, aI believe, as when playing games, or rather, maybe, when manipulating data processes by codes. Ai believe, though, such eminence is not very impressive compared to what some musicians do, with their instruments. And this is far from being any new phenomena. The music of Paganini shows it to be very old. Paganini himself was an outstanding violin player. And in Norway, in the culture, we have an aversion manifest to that thing, being the “fanden”, as illuminated by the short composition “Fanitullen” by Halvorsen, and earlier, aI believe, by a traditional “slått”. In this video that “slått” is played by the traditional Norwegian violin called “hardingfele”:

That “Fanden” playing that “Fanitullen” seems to do so “uten videre”, and “på stående fot”. That means, “very eloquently, without reservation, or effort”, and “standing tall, without preparations, by himself”. In our cultural memory, that “Fanden” of a violin player has one leg which is shorter than the other. He limps. And, he seduces, by his playing, that is, by means.

Extensive practise over a long period of time makes one good in whatever one is doing. Even so, one must have a certain disposition, in other words, be somewhat gifted. One never learns to play the violin if the fingers will not go along (in Norwegian: “om fingrene ikke vil være med.”)

To create not by means is a bit different. The love of God is more evident, and evident, also, is that those people doing so are humble, grateful, with the deepest respect for anything holy. From the outside, it may seem like those especially and extraordinary gifted people are organized in a special way, or empowered by a certain clue. Ai believe many a scientist have tried to get the code of the music by Bach, for instance. And notice; it is Bach's gratitude to the Lord.

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Thursday, 1 August 2019


Ai have all my life had an opinion about torture. As a child, aI was set out, and made subjected to both physical and psychological mistreatment by my fellow schoolmates. And in youth, at what in Norway is somewhat equivalent to college, aI tried to read a paper, written by a female scientist, about the gang of Henry Rinnan, who was the prominent Satan in Norway during World War II, working from my home district, who made a a cell powered by Gestapo in which individuals showing resistance were tortured. My intention was to get to know why people became evil. Ai was too young when aI tried to read that paper, though, which aI found in the library. Later, aI was taught a little about evilness at the Military Academy. And there are books. Ai believe there are stories in Sigurd Evensmo's "Englandsfarere". In Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter" there is a situation in which torture is used which is so that every sensible cell in the brain ignites and flames, and one crawls into the "røsslyng" and "blåbærlyng", that is heather, somewhat, of the Norwegian summer forest. And Swedish Roy Andersson has written an eminent wake up call named "Vår tids rädsla för allvar". Some years ago, aI got published a notice in the local newspaper about the motivation to torture. And lately, that is a year, or so, aI have seen the look of broken girls. They are way beyond insane.

Ai have myself been subjected to torture, for several years, without knowing aI am hypnotized, and without really knowing what aI am subjected to. Now, as aI am enlightened, aI have a feeling with Satan. And the motivation to torture has with poverty and poorness to do. And the brain of the criminal is so that aI have no doubt in my opinion, that individual should, in power of national law, be shot, after conviction in court.

To explain something, scientifically, is to justify it. Torture should not be justified. The use of torture should not be understood. The use of torture is today so widespread, obviously, it threatens life on earth, and aI pray to God any individual motivated to torture, in the legal sense, just falls to the ground, as dead, and goes to Hell.

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