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Monday, 26 August 2019


Ai have come to think about perceiving and interpreting, which can be considered to be an activity, and when so, a way of acting, and when so, a subject for science. In science the perceiving and interpreting is called hermeneutics, and great books have been written on the subject. It is clear to me one can distinguish between two orientations, in that tradition, and that is fearful activity and peaceful activity, and this is a bit awkward, since by it to speak about activity is exactly awkward.

In my mind, there is a clear distinctions between getting it, and taking it, and having it. This insight might be seen two ways. One is to see a row of happenings, or circumstances, maybe, by which one develops in the succession get – take – have. This is the easy way of understanding hermeneutics, in my mind, since everyone will agree this makes sense. The other way is a bit more formal, and insanity comes to mind. We can distinguish between

A. Getting it and taking it
B. Having it

There is an ocean of difference between people capable of memorizing and people capable of learning, when those two verbs are seen as opposites. In modern school, and at universities today, specifically, with curriculum, exams in writing, and master degrees, it is the memorizing which is anticipated, and called for. So, even if one is capable of learning, one easily understands the way to get grade is to memorise suggestions, assertions and terms, as they are, and to play with those, as one cunning, bit by bit. In traditional science this would be called the ecclesiastic way, and in traditional science this was condemned. The way of seeing why, may perhaps be to remember the commandment of God condemning adultery. In Norwegian, one will easily see there is something worth thinking about, pondering on the words “skjรธnne” and the expression “fรฅ det med seg”, for instance. In English, “to get along with” a fact or a statement is not that obvious, aI believe, and even so, there is something to it. “To see,” in English, is not exactly to mirror.

It is a bit complicated, aI believe, this science called hermeneutics, since obviously, anxiety is involved in most instances of adultery, and even so, one has to acknowledge there are individuals who deliberately are simple in pursuit of evil intent. And, in traditional psychology, there is this fundamental distinction between sensing and intuition as orientations. Anyhow, to anticipate “to know me is to love me” is the stairway to heaven. And, if one thinks one by possession and adultery makes it, one is either a complete idiot or a devil, and the two of them are one and the same.

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