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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Those really insane

By now, aI have been subjected to, and tortured by, those really insane for more than twenty years, so aI have developed an idea of what that craziness is. The symptoms are fearlessness, insistence, mercilessness and superficiality. Behind it, aI sense a being which is without reservation, which is earth bound, steered, emotional cold, and anxious. And the perspective one has upon oneself, obviously, is that one is blank. Ai believe to be clear is something which is argued for. And aI think to be blank is the perception.

To be blank is a way of being which one can look at from different angles. No feeling of sin, or guilt, is one. What to keep in mind, though, is that this what is blank in no way carries or occupies light, and the drive of it is to seek its counterpart, in other words, its opposition, and this is not light. It is dirt.

The contamination made on the small forest areas in my neighbourhood clearly shows this to be the case. One is not pursuing life, rather, one is seeking death. To the blank, aI believe, there is no authority in life, really. What is on top, in that mind, is the blank itself. And that being will not be stopped by anything other than perfection. This is so, aI believe, since what is perfect is a natural thing. Culture, and spirit, and love is spirit, to this being have no significance, and faith, to it, is only a sign of weakness, since itself it takes any opportunity to disregard life.

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