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Saturday, 3 August 2019

To be gifted

Gifted people can do extraordinary things. There are videos on internet showing Asian people making wonders by means, and in the world of computers one speaks of being in the flow, aI believe, as when playing games, or rather, maybe, when manipulating data processes by codes. Ai believe, though, such eminence is not very impressive compared to what some musicians do, with their instruments. And this is far from being any new phenomena. The music of Paganini shows it to be very old. Paganini himself was an outstanding violin player. And in Norway, in the culture, we have an aversion manifest to that thing, being the “fanden”, as illuminated by the short composition “Fanitullen” by Halvorsen, and earlier, aI believe, by a traditional “slått”. In this video that “slått” is played by the traditional Norwegian violin called “hardingfele”:

That “Fanden” playing that “Fanitullen” seems to do so “uten videre”, and “på stående fot”. That means, “very eloquently, without reservation, or effort”, and “standing tall, without preparations, by himself”. In our cultural memory, that “Fanden” of a violin player has one leg which is shorter than the other. He limps. And, he seduces, by his playing, that is, by means.

Extensive practise over a long period of time makes one good in whatever one is doing. Even so, one must have a certain disposition, in other words, be somewhat gifted. One never learns to play the violin if the fingers will not go along (in Norwegian: “om fingrene ikke vil være med.”)

To create not by means is a bit different. The love of God is more evident, and evident, also, is that those people doing so are humble, grateful, with the deepest respect for anything holy. From the outside, it may seem like those especially and extraordinary gifted people are organized in a special way, or empowered by a certain clue. Ai believe many a scientist have tried to get the code of the music by Bach, for instance. And notice; it is Bach's gratitude to the Lord.

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