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Thursday, 1 August 2019


Ai have all my life had an opinion about torture. As a child, aI was set out, and made subjected to both physical and psychological mistreatment by my fellow schoolmates. And in youth, at what in Norway is somewhat equivalent to college, aI tried to read a paper, written by a female scientist, about the gang of Henry Rinnan, who was the prominent Satan in Norway during World War II, working from my home district, who made a a cell powered by Gestapo in which individuals showing resistance were tortured. My intention was to get to know why people became evil. Ai was too young when aI tried to read that paper, though, which aI found in the library. Later, aI was taught a little about evilness at the Military Academy. And there are books. Ai believe there are stories in Sigurd Evensmo's "Englandsfarere". In Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter" there is a situation in which torture is used which is so that every sensible cell in the brain ignites and flames, and one crawls into the "røsslyng" and "blåbærlyng", that is heather, somewhat, of the Norwegian summer forest. And Swedish Roy Andersson has written an eminent wake up call named "Vår tids rädsla för allvar". Some years ago, aI got published a notice in the local newspaper about the motivation to torture. And lately, that is a year, or so, aI have seen the look of broken girls. They are way beyond insane.

Ai have myself been subjected to torture, for several years, without knowing aI am hypnotized, and without really knowing what aI am subjected to. Now, as aI am enlightened, aI have a feeling with Satan. And the motivation to torture has with poverty and poorness to do. And the brain of the criminal is so that aI have no doubt in my opinion, that individual should, in power of national law, be shot, after conviction in court.

To explain something, scientifically, is to justify it. Torture should not be justified. The use of torture should not be understood. The use of torture is today so widespread, obviously, it threatens life on earth, and aI pray to God any individual motivated to torture, in the legal sense, just falls to the ground, as dead, and goes to Hell.

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