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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Distance to sin

I see a cup with coffee in
and think about relief from sin.
The cup is hot, that is for sure.
It gives, though, the advice for cure.

The cup is cup of water, not.
I do not drink the coffee hot.
And as my eyes do more than sweep,
I see it is perhaps though cheap.

I strengthen focus, with my eyes,
for to observe where secret lies.
And as I do, I take a nip,
and handle it by fingertip.

How can that be, that sin so bad,
that bitter taste, so making sad …
It is as if by neck I take
that thing, and make it void, that sake!

[ This poem is made a link to at the blog hop of dVerse here ]

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  1. I like the need to focus one's eyes to see where the secret lies. Secrets are not on the surface.

  2. Maybe it's a good thing to drink the coffee black, than at least we know the bitter taste.... worse would be to mask the bitter with sweet.


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