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Saturday, 28 September 2019

My love

My love is a candle light,
in the wind,
and not so damned measure right,

She is flapping potentials,
flickering news,
not so lost in credentials,
looking for truce.

She is passionate, danger,
and not to be found.
She is life in a manger,
not hanging around.

[ Ai have posted the link to this poem on dVerse on Meet the bar – Metaphorically speaking. ]

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  1. I like love being described as a candle light and life in a manger.

    1. Ai love you too, sir. 😊

  2. Love is not always as sweet as they say...
    Made me think of the old song "Love hurts"

    1. Take it or leave it? You are ane exceptional poet, Bjørn. And, the times ... Christ knows, and you will be fine.


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