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Friday, 6 September 2019

To the English

What aI will say to Englishmen
is that one might do well with pen.
There are some rules for one to learn,
and having done, to action turn.

And, when by pen, that is a work,
to notice, and give love, as perk.
So, make your word the written word,
and strangely foreign when it's heard.

Make it the word of poetry.
Make it the word of mastery.
And give the world a chance to see
the eye, the I, the island free!

[ This poem is linked to on dVerse at OpenLinkNight #250. ]

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  1. If I get this, seek freedom through pen?

    1. Through art, Jade Li. Through creative work. And especially in the times of ours, where being an individual is to be subjected to pressure and force unknown earlier in history, though not totally strange to earlier communistic countries and earlier totalitarian states. Creative work frees the mind. And an artist is not supposed to, and God forbid he ever will be supposed to, answer for his work.

  2. There is power in the word (if anyone listens)

  3. Creative energy needs to be released into this dark void that is attempting to spread, threatening to devour.

  4. Truly. Where is land where no one is just an I land, to arrive at an Eye-land, can we see another, as person and a beauty and not just a tribal brother? That reading that crosses the passage of the ayes (that would seek to order and measure it), is truly a foreign land, to swim in. "We read to know we are not a loan."


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