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Friday, 11 October 2019

Ai don't get it

The oil is the case. In a historical perspective, one can point at the revelation of the world, as suggested on my site "The Prime Idea", and think of the supper. Being realistic about it, though, oil is it. Control with the resource. And, the U.S.A. and China. and Russia are the greatest oil producing states in the world. And, all of the are economically, and militarily, powerful. So, they are actors, facing each other. And, there are only those three. Get, it Germany. Get it, Spain. And, Norway is an oil producing country. And, here aI am. And, Iraq, and also Kuwait, believe it, has suffered. The suffering of the Syrian people, though, somewhat encouraging the Middle East, is historical, and fatal. And, Norway is just a small country producing bottles for one to love ... Right? So, why hate her? Is she provocing you, or s'mthing?

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