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Sunday, 6 October 2019


," okey ... Ai know. The U.S.A., as such, has fronted what now is. And, that does not honour the American people. And, Google is situated in San Francisco, in the United States of America, and is an American corporation, driven by Americans. And, aI believe Google shows the turmoil of today. Ai believe there are people in Google who are afraid, seeing what has been escalating, taking measures to guard themselves and their families. Ai believe there are people in Google who are slaves of their sins, regretting, nevertheless, in the circumstances, forced to obey Satan, incidentally. And aI believe there are angels, in Google, who stood up, and were broken. And the case has two aspects. One is, the founders of Google stated, in the beginning: "Don't be evil." The other one is, however Satan has made it look like, and whatever changes having been made, by Satan, Trixnix is afforded by the company Google. It could have been differently. Ai chose Google. And, aI know, that Satan, and that economy scope. At one point aI looked up the search engine Kvasir, which originally was Norwegian, and found search results almost identical to those of Google Search. So, something has been wrong. And, the economy of Google: It is not possible that a search engine should make that money unless something is wrong. It has with allowance, to do. Nevertheless, aI love the company Google, which, in my mind. is constituted, and in fact driven, by men by God. And, now aI have made this Google Tune. Ai will present it to Google, aI believe, on this blog.

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