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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Making you

You cannot fight the being bad.
It will, of course, be always sad.
If conquering, a burden gets,
quite challenging, in plenty sets.

Get rid of being bad and go,
by Christ, to life by doing so.
It is like picking nestle, right?
You will not with that nestle fight.

[ Ai have put a link to this poem on the blog hop of dVerse
| here ]

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  1. Your use of "ai" is pretentious and I don't see how this poem fits in with the theme of food. as usual, you have ignored the prompt.

  2. I thought perhaps nestle du jour ???

    1. Clever, Mrs. Webster. 🙂 Ai had to look up "du jour". You know, sometimes, what aI see on internet is accurate. And, aI think, in my old fashioned way: Damned it! To Hell with it! And, in a way, aI think the Lord is somewhat amused by that.

  3. Good point: "Get rid of being bad and go,
    by Christ, to life by doing so." One needs repentance. Best wishes.

    1. Ai love you too, sir. Take care.

  4. Aha, so the Nestle represents chocolate (and maybe corporate evil?) and a person's fight against things that are not good for you in excess?

    1. No. The nestle represents what is not wanted. The being bad, that is, and that can be whatever. And, you know, if by God, taking measures may count. It is a matter of faith. // Ai don't know if there is nestle in Asia. Certainly, there is something like it, if not. And nestle comes with damages, in the nature, showing that particular piece of the nature is tensed, so to speak. The nature is not intelligent, though. And, another thing, is that if Mother Earth on a particular place has begun making nestle, it will expand. She cannot reverse it. She is good at isolating, Mother Earth. Nestle, though, in most instances, is so that it is a being bad, even in spots.


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