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Sunday, 6 October 2019

To the hypnotized

Ai believe aI am spurred, or exited, or motivated, to do a lot of things, especially asleep, acknowledging it, awake. Thinking abut it, though, aI believe aI am not doing it. Even so, there is a specific drive planted in me, which says, do that thing, and, then aI think, what on earth can aI do, then. And, aI think, one should have confidence, in oneself. There is a reason why one was hypnotized. And, aI can be set out, as hypnotized, and directed to do things aI have no memory of afterwards, though, a feeling of, maybe that have taken place, and that, what done is, cannot be me, right, since aI am rational, and, even so, me, by the way the order was executed. That Satan surely will regret and be suffering, doing so, for all eternity, which is a silly expression. And, thinking about it; can aI stand it ... Right? That is the question.

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