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Monday, 14 October 2019

To the Islamic people

Hatred fosters hatred, they say. And, there is no excuse, not even if there is a concept of holy hatred, since this is pin pointed at the horror of genocide, and then a people, not a professional army, must mobilize against you. Ai have read the Koran. If the manuscript, that is the book, aI have got is genuine, you are way beyond sensibility, totally occupied by blockheads. Imagine, formal prayers three times a day ... Ai recognize the sufferings of people in the Middle East and in Africa, lately, and before that, in the former Yugoslavia. Though, hating the Christian? According to my Koran, you love the Bible? Calling it dog, being by the Bible? Ai have formulated what is to be said. And, what aI have said is independent of the book aI have got. And aI would like to know if that book is genuine. What you must listen to, is me saying, if aI get the chance: Raping twelve years old girls because they are of another people than you are yourself, is suicide, mentally, and breaking those girls is total dismiss. And, when united, as people, in a feeling, you should know who you are. And, those blockheads out of control is sticking out. Get it.

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