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Saturday, 30 November 2019

The one

If one is not an actor,
one cannot really play.
If one is not contractor,
to fit is not okay.

If one makes thousands faces,
those cannot be much aces.
So, what to do, to one,
is to stand by the done.

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On dry land

How are you in the eyes of the Lord?
Are you one the good Lord will afford?
Is it with you alright, everything?
Is it simple and sweet what you bring?

You know, people tradition have made.
And, to order, the house is a grade.
And, when people were questioned and tried,
house in order they set, not to hide.

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Sunny being

Those true facts and that measure to body is pleasure, to eat and to drink for atonement to sink. Liberation is library, liberty libel, and a bibliophile is as good as the Bible. Be freely and fresh, and you feel you are able, both under the table, and got, on the table, and devils will hinder that thing to be true. Any devil will stand in the way, making you. When in need to obey one is not good, not gay. That thing rather is so that one from it will go. And, that is so because the potato likes sauce. And the meat is in need of a pleasure to feed. And the wine is in love with the known way to go. So, the meal is not mean. It is charity clean. And, to be is the way of the sunny, I'll say.

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Friday, 29 November 2019

It is said

"To be or not to be" (Shakespeare)
"To do is to be" (Rousseau)
"To be is to do" (Satre)
"Do be, do be, do" (Sinatra)
"To be is for free" (Ellingsen)

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Mistreatment, rape, and breaking of individuals is the negative to life. It is the opposite, and as such the evilness to persons and to cultures. It must be fought by any means.

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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Entitled to rule


The poster shown above is basically a pencil drawing of a female Korean officer, found, in i photo, on internet. In the drawing, aI have changed the Army identification. Also in Norway, beginning in the late 80'ties, we have had female military officers. And aI have come to the conclusion such are vulnerable. At the Norwegian Military Academy, in the late 80'ties, aI was taught the Israelis, who, aI believe, was the first to educate female officers, came to that conclusion.

For many years aI have stated women ought not to sit in government. It has with location, behaviour and keeping to do. It is not unfair, what aI mean. To rule is not a gratification. To rule is not a present. And for to rule, both women and men, and for to be able to make decisions independent of situation, one must know how both the woman and the man thinks, basically, and be able to think ahead, not answering, at any time.

Women should, of course, rule the world, as men do. And women should be respected for their morale, intelligence, ability and behaviour, and, gender, as parliament members, as leaders of companies, as state officials and as scientists. Women are, of course, able to rise above nature, as men are, and women are, of course, by God gifted, as men are. Women are, though, basically vulnerable in a way men are not, also in groups. And to be entitled to rule, one must be a ruler.

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Thursday, 21 November 2019

That composition called Five Fingers

Ai have just listened to the performance of my composition called "Five Fingers", again. It has been perfected. And, ladies and gentlemen; this is Norway. This is, in my humble opinion, the greatest thing ever made. And, we are speaking of times. And, there is war, and conflict, and scientists in lack of concordance. Nevertheless. Please acknowledge love. Love is God given. Norway is love, fundamentally. This thing, called "Five Fingers", one cannot simply outdo. Obviously, it is God given. And, that will to kill?

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Ai hereby stop blogging

Ai hereby end this blog. Satan makes it impossible for me to communicate, and the torture aI am subjected to, nowadays, is so strong it is no point in making an impact. Ai intend to start blogging again when justice is settled.

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To a star

MercyShine for me, you star of heaven,
shine for me a certain view.
Take me up to twelve, eleven,
take me up, to be anew.

I will take you to the table,
Christmas decoration done.
Many are the pointing able.
Many are the being won.

Suffice not the shine will never,
quick, alert, the finger passed.
View upon you being clever
never ends in being classed.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

My view upon the Russian

Norway and Russia share common values. We are both located up north, and climate, and nature, is more than examining. We speak totally different languages, though. To a Norwegian, Russian is very complicated. And, the climate in Norway is warmer than the climate is in Russia. It has with temperature to do. So, complicated it is. And, aI believe Russia, in a way, is more isolated than we are. Ai believe Russia is more comfortable with a zone of friendliness around it, before entering that totally wild. Ai believe Norwegians are more friendly. We have, for instance, experienced the English for thousands of years. And aI believe making a solidification of an intervensjon in Northern Norway would be contrary to feeling in Russia. Ai mean, Troms, and Finnmark, is wide open. Though, one can think economically, about it. The resources of the fish industry in northern Norway, and also, perhaps, the oil resources, are tremendous. There is, though, this thing called the Samii people. Which would be united, by the unification of northern Scandinavia. And, when so, one has, in reality a nation. Which would be se subjected to solicitation and togetherness. And, a nation within a nation is nation in war with itself. So, aI am not so afraid of the Russian. Ai think of the Russian as my friend. And whatever peculiar thing the Russian do, aI think, there must be a reason for it.

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Monday, 11 November 2019


November is not accurate.
And, really, it is fortunate.
It is eleven, being turn
to twelve, by which to be we learn.

Perhaps to Christmas looking twice
it shakes the cup, it throws the dice.
We'll go for it, November says,
by snow and darkness, and by grace.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Thinking of it

I take a long time longed for walk.
With none I speak, with none I talk.
And dark it is. The moon alone
makes up that what to earth is throne.

And, there is snow, and it is cold.
And earth could not have been more old.
And, steps I take for walk to make.
And, Lord, I praise for Heaven's sake!

.·: † :·.

Nice to know

The collecting of goods is as futile to do
as the cancer of cell which is widening you.
The pursuing of chance is as futile to act
as to make with the wind an executive pact.

There is no chance to Heaven a ladder can take.
There is no chance a lottery Heaven can make.
And the accommodation of evilness takes
one in galloping speed from the goodness of sakes.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Children of Israel and us

The other day, a man, whom aI admire, made me aware of the fact the one may recall the word of Jesus to the Jew, saying, go out and inhabit the earth, and think, he did not say aI should do so all alone. One may think, and believe, the disciple Jesus loved lived for a long time. Ai mean, those fathers following Adam came to be quite old. He was not alone, though, Christening the world. As aI recall, there was an uproar in Jerusalem, in the Roman rule, of those days, some time after the start of the Common Era. And, the fact is the Children of Israel from that time of was spread all over the world, and was gathered again, as a nation, just following World War II. And, in Western nations, around the world, we are proud of our history and our heritage. Families are not able, though, to count fathers many generations back. And, being clear about it, those Vikings, for instance? Nobel people? Ai believe both the two first Norwegian kings, that is both Olav Tryggvasson and Olav den Hellige, went to the area of Jerusalem before they made attempts to gather Norway in the name of Christ. There is history which is not illuminated, and which, perhaps is hidden from view. One should think, though, the death of Jesus, in Jerusalem, was not without effect. And, one should think, there were those, among the Children of Israel, who went out, shortly after, to inhabit the earth. And one should consider, for example, how come that Viking nature came to be that good.

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Friday, 8 November 2019

Opposite to love

If one is opposite to love
one is not in the hand a gun,
one is not to the hand a glove,
one is not finger having fun.

When totally devoid of love
one is like turpentine to paint.
One is not hawk, one is not dove.
One is like motor stop to saint.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

One should know

One must be it to be nice.
One is not if in disguise.
Fools can never learn to fly.
Eagles are the being by.

.·: † :·.

Being one

If you are not in love with God
not life giving it is, your blood.
I tell you, to make it a rule:
You are complete and total fool!

.·: † :·.


When people are to Satan dear
to love they will of course not hear.
And, Jesus told us this is so.
As if one needs that word, to go.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Being by

If one is just a being on
the being by the lost and gone,
one cannot be creative, much,
and certainly not have the touch.

If being by is your demand
and your success to be at hand,
you should be making children it,
by which the being by is fit.

.·: † :·.

The very evil

To be the evil of all times
is to depend on crack and crimes.
The fathers built, for many years,
society, to outdo fears.

Many a year, God's life was so
that one would make tomorrow go.
One did, though, make, the Son to see,
by thinking of Him fine and free.

.·: † :·.

The inner ten

Inner ten is not for sparrow,
rather hit for cone and arrow.
That thing one cannot be making,
hitting it an undertaking.

.·: † :·.

The Priests are on Magnimix

Today, The Priests got a representation on Magnimix, in Law.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

A view on Jesus

Happening, I think of Jesus,
not much said about consensus.
All alone he was, though, taking
disciples. He was not faking.

And, against him was the power
and the rescue of the lower.
What the Lord did truly measure
was the void of being treasure.

.·: † :·.


Last night aI made a remark on dVerse, seeing this prompt. And, aI was not sober. And, thinking of it, today, aI love it. Ai made this poem last night, after that, and aI intended it to be anapestic, though, saw, today, aI last night quickly turned to iamb, so, today aI changed it, a bit, before aI posted it. Ai got it, by God, aI should not post it last night. And, that remark one ought to see. It is in the comments section. Ai mean, aI am by God. And, God is fond of me. And, making a statement like that?


Man, if you keep up good intentions, never weary of exemptions of the love of God within you, there is love, and bad to outdo. Kipling was not bad at all. And there were others, being tall. There is no taste, though call.

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