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Tuesday, 5 November 2019


Last night aI made a remark on dVerse, seeing this prompt. And, aI was not sober. And, thinking of it, today, aI love it. Ai made this poem last night, after that, and aI intended it to be anapestic, though, saw, today, aI last night quickly turned to iamb, so, today aI changed it, a bit, before aI posted it. Ai got it, by God, aI should not post it last night. And, that remark one ought to see. It is in the comments section. Ai mean, aI am by God. And, God is fond of me. And, making a statement like that?


Man, if you keep up good intentions, never weary of exemptions of the love of God within you, there is love, and bad to outdo. Kipling was not bad at all. And there were others, being tall. There is no taste, though call.

[ This poem is posted on the blog hop of dVerse | here ].

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  1. Vaksinius, it was interesting to read your accompanying notes and the changes your quadrille went through before you posted it. I’m pleased you were inspired by reading ‘If’ and I do try to follow your advice about keeping up good intentions.

  2. I agree: God is fond of all of us.

  3. Nice to see how your words are singing after the changes.


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