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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Entitled to rule


The poster shown above is basically a pencil drawing of a female Korean officer, found, in i photo, on internet. In the drawing, aI have changed the Army identification. Also in Norway, beginning in the late 80'ties, we have had female military officers. And aI have come to the conclusion such are vulnerable. At the Norwegian Military Academy, in the late 80'ties, aI was taught the Israelis, who, aI believe, was the first to educate female officers, came to that conclusion.

For many years aI have stated women ought not to sit in government. It has with location, behaviour and keeping to do. It is not unfair, what aI mean. To rule is not a gratification. To rule is not a present. And for to rule, both women and men, and for to be able to make decisions independent of situation, one must know how both the woman and the man thinks, basically, and be able to think ahead, not answering, at any time.

Women should, of course, rule the world, as men do. And women should be respected for their morale, intelligence, ability and behaviour, and, gender, as parliament members, as leaders of companies, as state officials and as scientists. Women are, of course, able to rise above nature, as men are, and women are, of course, by God gifted, as men are. Women are, though, basically vulnerable in a way men are not, also in groups. And to be entitled to rule, one must be a ruler.

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