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Thursday, 14 November 2019

My view upon the Russian

Norway and Russia share common values. We are both located up north, and climate, and nature, is more than examining. We speak totally different languages, though. To a Norwegian, Russian is very complicated. And, the climate in Norway is warmer than the climate is in Russia. It has with temperature to do. So, complicated it is. And, aI believe Russia, in a way, is more isolated than we are. Ai believe Russia is more comfortable with a zone of friendliness around it, before entering that totally wild. Ai believe Norwegians are more friendly. We have, for instance, experienced the English for thousands of years. And aI believe making a solidification of an intervensjon in Northern Norway would be contrary to feeling in Russia. Ai mean, Troms, and Finnmark, is wide open. Though, one can think economically, about it. The resources of the fish industry in northern Norway, and also, perhaps, the oil resources, are tremendous. There is, though, this thing called the Samii people. Which would be united, by the unification of northern Scandinavia. And, when so, one has, in reality a nation. Which would be se subjected to solicitation and togetherness. And, a nation within a nation is nation in war with itself. So, aI am not so afraid of the Russian. Ai think of the Russian as my friend. And whatever peculiar thing the Russian do, aI think, there must be a reason for it.

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