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Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Children of Israel and us

The other day, a man, whom aI admire, made me aware of the fact the one may recall the word of Jesus to the Jew, saying, go out and inhabit the earth, and think, he did not say aI should do so all alone. One may think, and believe, the disciple Jesus loved lived for a long time. Ai mean, those fathers following Adam came to be quite old. He was not alone, though, Christening the world. As aI recall, there was an uproar in Jerusalem, in the Roman rule, of those days, some time after the start of the Common Era. And, the fact is the Children of Israel from that time of was spread all over the world, and was gathered again, as a nation, just following World War II. And, in Western nations, around the world, we are proud of our history and our heritage. Families are not able, though, to count fathers many generations back. And, being clear about it, those Vikings, for instance? Nobel people? Ai believe both the two first Norwegian kings, that is both Olav Tryggvasson and Olav den Hellige, went to the area of Jerusalem before they made attempts to gather Norway in the name of Christ. There is history which is not illuminated, and which, perhaps is hidden from view. One should think, though, the death of Jesus, in Jerusalem, was not without effect. And, one should think, there were those, among the Children of Israel, who went out, shortly after, to inhabit the earth. And one should consider, for example, how come that Viking nature came to be that good.

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