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Sunday, 15 December 2019

One fine thing

Togetherness is one fine, seldom thing.
And, to it, we as people often cling,
in thought, by it the scary can be fought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

Society is what that hope will bring,
by which the tune performed we poorly sing.
Though, in it, there is history of bought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The culture will be president or king,
and will from pen of poets lovely spring.
And, never it will state, to do we ought,
in hope the way of being can be taught.

The nation and the people will be sought
in hope the way of being can be taught.

.·: † :·.

This poem is written in the form of (short) ballade. The syllable count in each line may vary. The rhyme scheme is though given, and so is the number and look of verses. Ai believe it is fit to display my message, here.

Ai have made a link to the poem on the blog hop of dVerse
here |.

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