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Monday, 23 December 2019


Ai am not an expert, and doctors have to prove me wrong, or to correct me. That is what they are for. It is, though, obvious to me organic poison seeks a hold in my testicles, that is, in my sperma, and aI believe organic poison will do so to women in the fallopian tube. Ai have no memory of being bitten. Ai see, though, scares, and it is obvious, to me, aI am hypnotized. And, aI have feelings, in my body. And, when my seed is sparkling, in the light, obviously there is something to it. And, when my body becomes frayed, after an ejaculation, obviously there is something to it. And my experience is that it takes some time to get rid of organic poison, that is venom from creep. It comes and establishes itself in rounds. Nevertheless aI believe there is a principle to speak of. It is the same principle as when you, people, relate to me, for not to be insane, and for to be effective. What you can do in two possible ways. And it is a strange thing to think of venom as a being. What matters, though, is it to do. A sinner will be vulnerable to that poison. A righteous being will see a devil, the way he does. And, organic it is. And, for one or another strange reason, alcohol in most instances has the effect of meeting the attack, is my experience. It is as if alcohol is absorbed, by the body, and when not, an hour of sleep makes you totally sober. It is a strange thing.

Well. Ai hope doctors will see into it.

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