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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The presence of God

You know, people, God is not present. God is far behind. And it is a question, if it possible to make God present in any other way than being hypnotized or broken. The Children of Israel, when righteous, went "in and out". They, though, were eager. And solid. And got it. The broken ones, and the hypnotized ones, differently, are presented. And, when so, it is up to you, right? Only seldom they will tell you. Most often, they will let you. And, body is not that important to any far behind. And, finding oneself in a circumstance is for Satan to do. So, get it. The broken ones, and the hypnotized ones, are not relieved from their bodies. So, they are somewhere without being in between. That being, though, far behind, which is God, which is Jesus Christ, which were given all power on earth, is using anyone still alive in His power. Right? So, when making flesh of Jesus scream, you are most certainly totally lost.

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