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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Law and order

For the woman to be safe, productive, and attractive, there must be laws governing life, and for laws to be, there must be constitution. The world as such cannot be constituted. The constitution of the world as such is what historically have been pointed at, from different angles, as the Law of Nature. And the Law of Life is the Law of Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments. This is the Law of God.

Also in the times of Norse mythology there were laws. And there were “ting”, that is “things”, that is assemblies of men, serving as law making assemblies, as assemblies voting for rulers, and as courts. Such could, for instance, banish a man, that is to make “fredlรธs”, in Norwegian. And the case is, since there was no constitution, to be “fredlรธs” meant one was all on his own, totally alone, without any possibility to settle or to get noted. And from the times of the Vikings, there are no histories of mothers, or of specific work of women. The Norwegian author Sigrid Undset, born in the beginning of the 19th century, acknowledged that, and wrote this famous novel called “Kristin Lavransdatter”, with theme from the beginning of the Christian area in Norway. And in that book she pointed to the fact laws are essential. Further south, in Europe, and earlier in history, we had Italy and Rome. And surviving, among whatever, are the words of Caesar, being “hic rhodus, hic salta”. Ai believe that word in a way difficult to grasp for me was funny, to the ears hearing it. Ai believe all words in Latin beginning with the letter “rho” had a specific feeling, attached. To Scandinavians, it is funny the word “rar” seems to come from Latin “rarus”. And there was Rome, which differs to Rhodus only by the ending. So, aI guess, thinking about it, those Latin speaking men came to think Caesar by those words suggested something.

In Norse mythology, and also in old Greek and Latin, there was a certain foundation, for laws, in the beliefs making up the mythology. And there was a belief there was a good place, in Norse mythology one of two good places, aI believe, to go to after death, and there was a bad place to go to after death. Those mythologies could not be grounding, though. There were perspectives, there were conflicting stories, and there were gods fighting each other. And Kristin Lavrandsdatter, in Sigrid Undset's famous book, ended up with a pilgrimage to the grave of Olav the Holy, in what is now Trondheim, who was the second of two kings in succession Christening Norway.

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