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Friday, 13 March 2020

Minimum age

Eleven and twelve years old children are teenagers. Have you thought of that? Thirteen is the third from ten, and fourteen the forth from ten, and so forth, so eleven, being the elevated, is first from ten, and twelve the second. Nevertheless, those two are minors, considered to be so also numerically. Thinking of children by flesh and blood, this give sense, since most children reach age by thirteen, even if some do by thirteen, and some do by fifteen. Numerically, it has not with symbolic meaning of numbers to do. It has to do with the fact after ten there is a new start. And the two initial steps are relieved from the previous, constituting, as they are.

The word "twelve" reminds us of "twice". Right.

Speaking of children, by flesh and blood, it is a mastery to be sexually attractive, and by that, to be able to bear children, both spiritually speaking, and speaking of babies by flesh and blood, or to give life to such. In Norway, the age of maturity, legally, has been eighteen years. That is, the age of consent. The minimum age of sexual allowance has perhaps been a bit lower. The thing is, after contraceptives, historically speaking, this has become so. One might discuss the point of that. My point is, that to the woman, sexual intercourse is an intrusion. And, to the man, sexual intercourse is an intrusion. And, it is worth while for citizenship to come to an agreement of what the rule should be, speaking of minimum age. My own thinking, is that by fourteen, most girls are sexually attractive. In my opinion, fourteen, though, is too young for minimum age to be. That girl should have learned what it means to be sexually attractive to men, and that she has learned when she reaches fifteen.

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