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Friday, 6 March 2020

That obstruction

There is always resistance. When climbing a ladder, one gets afraid of loosing it, falling down. What now ..., one thinks. What is behind the next step ... And the devil takes advantage of this weakness of will, and signifies it, and certificates your being as something worth banishing. So, the children of Israel initially failed by the eleventh son, being Josef. And the disciples of Jesus initially failed turning to apostles by Judas Iscariot. And one may loose it Saturday night, by the party. One almost always thinks one step further.

So, the three, about to turn to four, may not give fruit. Four has with fruit to do. In Norwegian, four is "fire", which also is "(to) launch". Four is not five, thinking of six, as it is, so perhaps four will not be live. Five thinks of seven, quite questioning heaven. And six might be parked in an opposition of two threes. There you are. Nine thinks of eleven, and eleven has with elevating to do. So, there are three times three. Eleven thinks of thirteen, and sees itself as elevated, being one more than up to ten.

And there is no rule, to it. It is just this matter of life. Climb the ladder, and you know, there is a chance of falling down.

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