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Sunday, 31 May 2020

What aI believe

Ai believe there in Revelation, presumably written by John, presumeably the disciple Jesus loved, are changes made, by a devil.

Ai believe the corona disease is a kind of rabies. And aI believe the disease aids is very related. And aI believe right now there is an outbreak of the disease called Hansen's disease, caused by the lephra basille, giving leprosy. Ai believe hypnotized ones, especially, today, is especially vulnerable to the corona disease. And aI believe especially broken ones, today, is especialy vulnerable to the lephra basille. Ai belive the corona virus gives psychopaths. And aI believe the lephra basille gives schizophrenia.

Ai believe the horror of today is caused by an organization of insane people, by American origin, pregnant with destruction. In this organization, belief is messed up with science, and this organization traditionally recruited youth, especially. Ai believe this organziation today is world wide, often to be identified by the colour blue.

Ai believe after myself being stolen and subjected to torture, in 1997, there were incidents elsewhere on earth, in peoples, of lions made subjected to the same horror. Ai believe the first one was English, called John, killing himself not far from Newcastle, by the north-western coast.

Ai believe the world in several ways will change because of the present circumstances. Those insane will make people subjected to a choice between national dictatorship and communal governement, the latter dependent upon the overall rule of economy as such, and internet.

Ai believe resources we have come to depend upon, namely coal and oil, will become almost impossible to find. Ai believe those materials are related, and aI believe they both origin in the chemical substance carbon, having a short way from this, and aI believe carbon is what earth is made of. Ai believe the occurrences which are still left is necessary for the production of earth. When those resources become scarce, the numbers of automobiles, airplanes, and ships will be reduced. And traditional powers as the economy, as such, and the military, will have to adjust. There will, of course, also be a lightening of climate.

Economy will no longer be considered to be global. Science will remain global, and art will.

Ai believe there will be a gradual decrease of salt in the ocean. Ai believe there has been a tension between oil deposits underground and the salty water, as aI believe there is a tension between oil as such and salt, binding. Ai believe the salt in the ocean will hit the ground, by which all the litter in the ocean faster will be destroyed.

Ai believe today there are many places on earth on which the light from the sun is tame, that is, as if in lack of electronic activety. Ai believe some places on earth to the end of times will remain dead, this way. Ai believe, though, something can be achieved by reducing concrete and asphalt.

Ai believe there are places on earth today, also, where the electricity transfer is not working, due to dead reception.

Ai believe what future will bring, is a gradual increase of artistry, technological innovation and comfort, together with reduction of noise and pollution. Ai believe what will keep minds busy in the future, is to be somewhat, visiting, and learning, from other peoples.

Ai believe English will be the language of global communication in the future.

In Norway aI insist on a national restitution from the present affairs. Norway is a little country, even if the area is quite big. We are only 5 million people. What other peoples do is, of course, their concern. Ai cannot understand, though, how those great nations, unifications as they are, can continue working when the means of communication is lessened.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

The thing

In honour of my ancestors -
the Benkestok

The credit is the benchmark.
The thing is it to get.
And not the hold of bulwark,
however it is met.

The thing is also pleasure
of honouring to bring.
The credit it to treasure,
both ways, that is the thing.

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Monday, 25 May 2020

A flag pole

A pointing stick is often grade.
And habitation layer made.
So, elevated from the ten,
eleven is. So twelve, by then.

It has to do with certitude
on which to build solicitude.
By thirteen, as by three, one cups,
and doing, one makes downs of ups.

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Admit the Jude

Civilization appeared in Mesopotamia and Babylon (the south of Persia, being Iraq, Iran and Kuwait, today), and in Egypt, that is by the rivers Tigris and Eufrat, and Nile, around 3500 years before Christ, that is 500 years after Adam. Abraham left Babylon and went to the area south of the Mediterranean shortly after 2000 years after Adam. The Bronze Area, following the Stone Area, begun around Eufrat and Tigris 3000 years before Christ.

After Abraham made impact in the Mediterranean area, Greek, and later Italian people gathered. Sailors. And Romans, that is the people of ancient Italy, took it upon itself to conquer the world, in the spirit of Alexander, being a Greek, though from far north, and earlier, as Greek to Roman was in many respects. Paul, in the Roman Church St. Paul, was a Roman citizen, and he spoke Roman, and went to Rome, and presumably died in Rome. He is called "the disciple to the gentiles". And, after Jesus died in the year zero, he rose, again, and told the Jude to take off, to inhabit the earth. At that time, Israel was Roman, and people spoke Roman.

Ai think, some were first, some were second, and some were third. The fact is, though, the Jude took off. And went to the gentiles. Some were orthodox, and some were especially inspired by the message of Christ. And, all knew Africa. And a bit Roman (language). As far as Scandinavia they went. And made impact. Ai mean, when the two first Norwegians kings trying to Christianize Norway both first went to the west of the Mediterranean ... Around one thousand years after Christ. And, the Jude knew Africa. There was history. Egypt. And south of Egypt, Ethiopia. We are not speaking of formalism. We are speaking of the Jude. And the fact is, Africa became more interesting to explore, to the West, than Asia, even if the people of Asia was more educated, and the area was more inhabited.

Kings and nobles. Hypnotizing and whatever. Broken ones, getting it. You know, there is a surface. In history, there is a surface. And Jesus Christ is the one and only making calm. Believe in Christ.

In Norwegian, it is of interest noticing the English word "quest" came to be the Norwegian word "kvest". Vikings interacted with the English in some interesting and complicated ways. And, as stated, also in Scandinavia the Jude made impact.

Illustration: Quest (on Flickr)

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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Statement about women

"The woman is the women's worst enemy," we say in Norwegian. Do you understand that saying? American women? African women? European women? Persian women? Asian women? Russian women? Do you not have husbands? To be one with? And, stock? You know, that word comes from Norwegian "stokk", meaning "beam, log, (tree)trunk". So, the English idiom "over stock and stone" is mirroring the Norwegian original, which is "over stokk og stein". Pointing stick made to rely on. And, pointing stick was the first thing in life man made. Authority. And next; putting on the table. Putting on the slab of rock. In Norwegian, that is "helle", and "hell" is luck. "Hellet" is a "(mountain) slope." And, having done that, one could take care of. In a box, or rather, in a sentiment, being a knoll from a pine, for instance, which one made a cup of. One - two - three. And the fourth often follows, and that was and is to make a containment, of some sort. Treasury. Belonging. Made lasting. And, every man did.

Who, or rather, what are those men defining the women of today? On top of that organization of women? Making the woman one? "The woman is the women's worst enemy."

Get lucky.

.·: † :·.

My compounds

Ai have now made a presentation of all my compounds, speaking of compositions, on vaccinius.com, and my feeling is like the feeling aI had when aI made all symbols in Words for Windows my own, and later made all symbols of OpenOfiice Writer my own. You see. Ai am very satisfied, and aI am highly impressed by the performances of that, or those, orchestra(s), which aI believe in fact is done by my relatives, which is the “trรธnder”. Right? Get it.

Ai feel my music is performed by the “Luftforsvarets musikkorps” in Trondheim, combined with musicians from the symphony orchestra of the town. “Luftforsvarets musikkorps” is the “Air Defence Brass Corpse”.

The violin excitement, though, aI feel is performed by a specific group of females. The string quartet, that is. Ai made a “favourite” once, in one of my browsers, to those in question, and now aI cannot find it. It does not matter. The performances are wonderful, and God knows.

You will find the compounds labelled “<b>♪♫♪ Compounds</b> in the English part of the site.

There are some specific notices, aI believe, speaking of those compounds. The fact aI make wonderful songs together with wonderful compositions is apart from this. You know, God is in charge, and Jesus Christ is He.

<ol border=”0”><li>The use of the trombone in “<b>8th of March</b>” is enthusiastic. You must understand, the trombone stands in an energy together with the trumpet. And this composite is made for women, right?</li>

<li>The change of key from major to minor in “<b>Rainbow</b>” is funny. It is effectfull. As we say in Norwegian. “How dare you,” that is</li>

<li>The change of key made by the winds in “<b>Marions motiv</b>” is exceptional, and a thing to do which aI found worthy already in my first short composition, being “<a href=”https://soundcloud.com/anders-woje-ellingsen/lolita”>Lolita</a>”.</li>

<li>The engagement of different groups of the orchestra, being the winds and the brass and the strings, not counting the drums, is effectfull.</li>

<li>The stupid engagement of the flute is interesting. You know, the flute covers it all. And aI make it pointing. And: Also the trumpet aI make pointing.</li>

<li>The wonderment of strings cannot be disputed in my compositions. Those are bearing, and make wonders on their own.</li>

<li>The use of the cello in my compositions is specific, and made to get that instrument noticed.</li>

<li>My music is not named preludes, not interludes, not emiludes. My music is what the title says.</li>

<li>Ai have presented my early short compositions in my compounds. Ai love those.</li></ol>

Thank, you.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The way to go

You know, future is nothing, though futile, if you are an idiot servile. And making you so is by Satan, this of the affair just to straighten. So, be an exempt to the devil, by which you are poor and just evil. And go to the Lord and say, look! I this mission of mine undertook!

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The gentleman - in my mind

One just cannot be on the defensive
opposing what there is offensive.
Norwegians world that thing has taught.
As a matter of fact, it was fought.

And, no end to it, there is of power
which wants to be upper to lower.
Damn it. You know, gentle is not
a position for idiot got.

.·: † :·.


To go home in a way is a ladder, by which one makes builds on the past, guarding faith in the Lord like an adder, the holy prospective, at last. One makes days without knowing it, really, as the seven, which really are ten, and one might come in sight a bit silly, and gentle, in eyes of some men.

There are ten words to guide and make public. They all are one's reason to live. And the life is not tragic or comic. To live is the Lord meant to give. And when reaching the tenth, it is finger, the middle of those five to raise. And two fingers in that one will linger. And two will be giving one's praise.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Make a choice

If a question, to live or let die,
as one thinks of as matter of why,
there is where, there is wherefore and when,
there is what, there is how, there is then.

Most important, some would state, is who.
Anyone cannot wonderments do.
Ourselves, we would say it is fraud
to make up and pursue demigod.

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Monday, 4 May 2020

In the difficult situation

If subjected to torture, do not say a word. Those against you are not there for you to be heard. Those against you are there as to dry land the sea, and will certainly not make out your cup of tea.

At the shore, at the beach, there is pleasure to reach. And when doing the ocean, to sail it will teach. When in motion, though, sea is the power of earth. Any way to persuade it is no use of worth.

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