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Monday, 29 June 2020

The art of twelve

Ai have made this poem on the twelve hours, as signified on Magnimix.com, and on Godmix.net, and as made an artistic illustration of on my veranda to my front door. Ai intend to post it on Magnimix. It goes as follows:


As first of all, a point was made.
The pointing stick reposed afraid,
and sticking out, the pointed at,
it certainly did pass to that.

As number two, a flag stone found,
made use of, so that all around
that thing was not, on table put,
was vital as the second foot.

As number three, there was a bowl,
such of importance as the owl,
as comforting and caring for
and as if it could hold some more.

As number four, there was a case,
and taken home, it all to face.
A box was made, the cave was done,
and liberty was by that won.

As number five, rod measuring
was made, for fun and treasuring,
a ruler, as the thumb on hand,
and as the counting home of land.

As number six, a value set
made worth, as happiness was met,
and also semi-gods, to poor,
who was not able to make door.

As number seven, one made fire.
Shook up, one did, was not for hire
in question of to be at ease
and mattering, to be at peace.

As number eighth, one made the grade
of having something truly made.
The cooking mastered was a go,
and chefs were made by doing so.

As number nine, one made the heart,
and by the heart, the joy of art.
The tribe was formed, the fun of two,
and by that, love to neighbour too.

As number ten came ownership.
A longer stick will further trip.
Authority was made and done
and pointing to it was the son.

As the eleven came the shelf,
exiting as to child the elf.
And layers made was science clear,
and not much then was there to fear.

As number twelve was theory,
and overview, and harmony.
Itself in shelf it could be placed,
for one to keep, and be amazed.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Trixnix is about to disappear

[ Added 29th of June 2020 at 13:52: Trixnix was fully recovered this morning. ]

Ai am about to delete my Google account. That means Trixnix.com, and all content on Trixnix, vanishes. Also my blogs will vanish. Ai will though keep my Flickr account and my SoundCloud account and my MuseScore account and my two Twitter accounts.

The hatred aI am subjected to leaves with no other choice. May God, for me, find another way for me to present my work.

.·: † :·.

Enough of it

Is there no recognition of art
there is one from the being apart,
and the Lord says, to Hell with it all.
One should know to work, not answer call.

And, it vanishes, what should be kept
because people are bad and inept.
And, of course art will be made again.
And once more to make up is in vain.

.·: † :·.

Christian to be

There is no better in the herd
of beings gathered in the word
of Christ, which cultures on the earth
speak differently, making worth.

By calling, one would better be.
As chosen, everyone is free
from measure, being good enough,
from value, being kind and tough.

The only thing there is to say,
is, what is done, one did one's way.
And first of all is in a way.
And when you are, you make the day.

.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

To Englishmen

Let the word of culture worry,
seeing man as sound or sorry.
You know well there is a habit.
In the garden is the rabbit.

Take it, you are very welcome
if to man you are not handsome.
Take it, you are what to treasure
as the world, to people pleasure.

English is the garden mastered.
English is the wound just plastered.
English is the I and 'ever,
and what is, quite perfect never.

.·: † :·.

Do not commit adultery

Make a joke of my being, a joke of my love,
and the Lord will see to it, it turns out, you know.
You cannot make a fool of authority which
is the reason for life, not the being of rich.

If you do, it will come to an end, what you are,
like a being which climbs, and which has gone too far.
The Lord is not a ladder, to climb or to get.
If you do go too far, your intention is met.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Be kind to one another
and be for one to get.
If neighbour is to bother
the challenge is not met.

The challenge is to nourish,
for life to have and give,
and also to have courage
to kill what should not live.

.·: † :·.

Making it (Nแต’ 2)

I ask myself this question;
is future yet to come ?
Is future like digestion,
or is it life to some ?

The Lord is somewhat being,
and Jesus Christ is He.
Is getting it like fleeing,
or is it just to be ?

The bear makes no prospective,
the lion has no goal,
the aven no perspective,
the willow herb no soul.

What is a man, for it to be,
for one to be to make?
I'd say himself is what to see,
and nothing for that sake.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 21 June 2020


Way to go be heard is welcome,
being fancy, being false.
Step to take is for the handsome.
So be heard is something else.

Any way might be permission,
evil ways just evil made.
Faith in no way is admission,
faith in no way rule or grade.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Easy being

Some are planes and some are 'copters.
Some are sane and some are opt'ers.
Some are men and some are women.
Some are sailors, some are sea-men.

I myself am in for glory.
Jesus Christ will tell the story,
how I rooted made me free,
never hanging from a tree!

.·: † :·.

About upper class

Ai feel aI, for quite a long time, have been called upon to state something about class. Historians, especially among scientists, will have to arrest me if aI state something obviously wrong in this blogpost. Ai have, though, put my organ music on my loudspeakers, and my glasses on my head. God give.

Ai am myself from a family which by my grandfather was quite wealthy. My grandfather was prominent in the city economy, and he also had positions in boarders of big companies south in Norway, which aI believe was not usual in the turn from the 18th to the 19th century. My grandfather was Finnish consul, in Trondheim, and he wore the Finnish medal “Hvite ros”. Also my father was asked to be Finnish consul, after my grandfather. My father was head of the grocery interest organization in Trondheim, for a while. According to my mother, my parents thanked no since my parents were not in position to represent, really.

In Norway, as elsewhere in the world, it is in some respect meaningful to speak of “upper class”. The expectations to children, for instance, is different, manner is different, and scope is different. It is a bit difficult to distinguish this difference in worth and attitude from the more formal distinction between officers and non-commissioned officers, in Norwegian called “underoffiser”, as between engineers and craftsmen, and as between doctors and nurses. In such instances, though, we are speaking not of attitude, though of education and relevance to the practical world. Some would think of the distinction between women and men this way, in the past as now. My grandmother, though, did not empty a bottle of wine. See.

Formalism will never get it. So science never will. Priests are hopefully those who will. And artists will, unfortunately. The label “Upper Ten” refers to the ten thousand on top of the society. Ten in the third degree is “upper”, and ten of those are ten thousand. If to belong to that nobility was a matter of education and rules, nonsense would arrive.

In Norway, historically, nobility as such never made up any power. As with the other Scandinavian countries, “stand” is a more established word when pointing to the human phenomena, than “class” and “nobility”. In Norway, we are in the lucky position we do not only take stand, we are in stand to, God given.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

My monogram

Since the summer of 2017 aI have used the letter A in the shape as pictured below as sign of my identity, on internet, and on letters and cards. The first formal letter aI used the monogram in was, aI believe, to the Norwegian Police Security Service in Trondheim, together with the local psychiatric care hospital aI attended, dated July the 25th 2017. Ai made the monogram after having changed my signature. Today aI have made the last and different shape of the monogram, as pictured below. It looks like being inspired by a serif font.

The second shape, by which the circle is not closed, is the signature stamp aI use on my fast prints, posted on flickr.prixnix.com .

That last shape, that is the serif type, is what aI from now on will use on most letters and cards. It is inspired by the font Ellington, pictured in the poem written in Norwegian, which aI bought twice, years ago, first as True Type, and then as Monotype.
.·: † :·.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Me and the people of Germany

As native Norwegian, militarily trained, aI have an opinion about the Nazi rule. And, as aI see it, that orientation came to an end. Ai have been to Berlin, by car, three times, and aI have taken part in an exchange program with the Military Army Academy of Germany as a Norwegian Military Cadet, visiting Hamburg and Hannover. Once, aI visitied Berlin alone. Once aI visited Berlin together with three fellow military cadets. And once aI visited Berlin together with my fiancee. That last visit was after the wall fell.

The contrasts in Berlin hit me. Cars, buildings, and knives, forks and spoons in cafeterias. And that wall aI considered to be insane. One fellow cadet of mine was subjected to confiscation of the posters he bought on the western side, when entering Checkpoint Charlie. That woman was authorative. And that was insane. We had to buy a certain amount of East German currency to enter East Berlin, which we could not change to other currency. That was insane. And, in that visit of the exchange program, we were told, where we stood, by the border, East Germany had made tunnels along the border, towards the west side, where we stood, for the sake of interrogation. That was insane. And in my first visit, when alone, aI visited the porn district area, in the west. The red light district. And that was insane. Ai mean, we had Lek, Playboy, and Mayfair in Norway. Though, what ... And the parking in West Berlin was insane.

In the visit of the exchange program we had two German Army superiors. One was a colonel-leutenant, as aI recall, educated at the University also, strict, and authorative. The other was a major, as aI recall, less educated, round in body and position, and so was his wife, who we also came to know. And aI immediately came to an understanding of who aI am. In that visit, the power of that small Norwegian cadet force also visited the right light district, in Hamburg, as aI recall. And the female dancing on the floor of that pub came to spit on me.

In the second visit, together with the three fellow cadets from the Military Academy of Norway, we, as usual, entered Berlin by the motorway from the north. And after filling fuel, once, on the way, aI managed to get ourselves lost by entering a wrong road, as the driver. And towers popped up, by the road. Towers in concrete, obviously made to be look outs. And there were no turnings around, on that road. The temperature in the car rose. We were all to be identified by the ID-cards we carried, if not else. And after passing three of four towers, aI made a decision, and took a ninety degree turn in front of the last. We were militarily trained, and were able to fantasy about what could be in front of those towers. Nevertheless. And we came out all right. That was insane.

Ai do not speak German, though, understand a bit German. And aI have seen a bit of Germany. In my first visit aI went down to Mรผnchen. In my second visit, we past the border to Luxenbourgh. In my my third visit we ended in Berlin, though went northwards, again, through former East-Germany. And aI have seen plenty friendly Germans, interested in who aI was, playing joyful when aI tried to speak German, and lovingly pointing out to me what there was to visit and see. Ai respect the people of Germany both because of what aI know about the language and because of my experiences, and those insane incidents cannot change that fact.

.·: † :·.