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Thursday, 16 July 2020

A moment in time

I did sit at my front door,
to be looking at
three small children, in distance,
in comfort with that.
There was lawn, a big tree, there
were more trees between,
there was all of us happy,
there, with being seen.

There were two boys, together
with one girl, of five.
And the one boy would bend down,
as happy to strive.
And the other showed interest,
getting the girl
not to throw all those sticks on
him, teaching the pearl.

There was sunshine, and summer,
no adult around.
Fit were shorts and a beautiful
summer dress found.
And the girl made this mimic
of five and of ill,
and kept throwing those sticks on
the fellow's nice will.

And at one point, there were no
more sticks there, to throw.
And that cute little fellow
those gathered, to glow.
And he gave to the other
a number of three.
All the rest he took to the
girl, for her to see.

.·: † :·.

This poem aI have contributed with on dVersehere, in honour of Brian Miller, who made that site.


  1. Ha. This reminded me of all the fun adventures to be had on a summers day. When I was a child we would roam far and wide through the wilderness, exploring our world. And occasionally getting into trouble. Lol.


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