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Friday, 31 July 2020


An idea, aI have, is that peoples should be more local. One can argue against, though, nevertheless aI would point to the fact, the mafia has no power, unless asked for. And this, what aI suggest, counts for Norway, as for the United States of America. Despite the different feelings of what local is. And, the point, aI think, is to keep the hardware. The military forces, for instance. Who and what we are. In America, that would be Washington. In England, that would be Churchill like, aI presume. The way to be. The Father, of the culture. And aI don't know Russia. And aI don't know China. Though, this: When it comes to surviving, there is point. The father, that is,

Be love. Different we are, and this is what matters: Be love. Maybe, at one point, we would be friendly, to each other. Love, though, counts, and surely, around the globe, we are not the same. And interests are interesting, to any foreign. Keep up the smile. Be investigating, if not supportive. And in the end, it will all come together as one, right, since Jesus Christ is it. That thing, being Jesus Christ, is what life is.

My relation, as a being from Trondheim, and that city is not big, to the being of the city of Bergen, and that city is not big, either, is extreme, right. And I have repeated that attitude towards the Swede, who we in Norway truly admire and love. See, for yourselves, at trondheim.prixnix.com. A bit girlish that way is, perhaps. Nevertheless, it makes alert. And, the counterpoint is no shit.

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