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Friday, 17 July 2020


Without having any specific knowledge of it, aI believe there is war in the world today. And aI believe aI myself have gained a position in life which is so that any people will have to relate to me, speaking of fact and of future.

There are four demands which must be met, by any people, and by beings of any religion, for me to go along with any use of power. When these demands are met, aI cannot and will not be hostile.

Firstly, any action taken must be grounded in the pursuit of life. What life is, specifically, is revealed in the New Testament in the Bible, and Jesus Christ was, is, and will be what life is. What made life on earth is revealed in the Old Testament in the Bible.

Secondly, the overall objective of the use of power must be to reason with the leadership of any people and state.

Thirdly, corruption must not be accepted.

And last, not least; torture must not be accepted.

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