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Thursday, 9 July 2020

The American Dream

The American Dream was the wit of the West,
as the faith manicure, and as failing the best.
As the dreaming of wealth as by cutting the woods,
one is not in for glory, and hurt do the goods.

And when acting one thinks of as anyway it
which is to the Dream measure, and to the Dream fit,
it is obvious one is a fool and not sound
and is thinking of grabbing what one has around.

And, when seeking the classy by foot or by car
it is evident, nothing to fight for you are.
What makes up the Dream cannot be said, what it is.
There were fathers, though, who by it made, what it is.

And we should not forget, here in West, by the poor,
for America leaving, to hope was a door.
And we should not forget, that the question around,
was, what are you made of, being here to be found.

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