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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

To the people of America

You know, aI love America. Not only because of the artists. Elvis Presley, and the like. Not only because of the marches of Sousa, who never was considered to be a classic, really. Not only because Beatles went to the United States of America. Though, because of history. You are me. And that struggle of the slaves aI appreciate. And English aI love. You are the specific heritage.

Though, when America went to war against Iraq that second time, aI considered, as insane, to go to Iraq to be a shield. And, when the West went to war against Libya, aI wrote a number of letters, to Norwegian authorities and to western and eastern embassies, stating, this is against the common rule and against common sense. Syria aI did not make an effort of. Ai have seen, though, horrors, on YouTube and Twitter. Small children creeping insane by the ground, because of bomb shelling. Cities totally ruined. And you know, responsibility is more than just a news paper heading. And oil is more than just longing for. And what you have done to me, and my people, is so that, historically, it will be ice cream. You failed. Power is not it.

Ai am militarily trained. Ai was a fourth year academy trained captain of NATO when aI left the Army of Norway. My relation to the Russian is that of politeness. Ai am aware of the historical ties to the east, of Norway. Ai am, though also aware of what communism is. And aI am aware of the policy of Russia, and the military strength of Russia. Ai am, though, informed. Ai am informed about “perestrojka”, and aI am informed about the work of the Russians, lately, to strengthen this what diplomacy is. To label me, is idiocy.

What is done is juridical. It is juridical in the sense of national law, and in the sense of international law. And, it has consequences when law is broken. History too might be violations of common law. History will tell. What is done to me and my people, though, is so devastatingly wrong, immediately, and in the long run, one has to comprehend.

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